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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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1. Summer's here-whoohoo! What's your favorite sight, sound, AND smell associated with summer?
Sight - beautiful blue skies; Sound - People laughing, talking, having fun and Smell - Steaks on a grill.

2. Fireflies or lightning bugs...what are they called in your neck of the woods?
We call them lightning bugs.

3. What is something from the past week that reminded you of your childhood?
I can't think of anything in particular.  

4. Define 'the good life'.
Spending time with my hubby and the girls.  

5. Tell us what we'd see if you took a snapshot of your desk/work space?
 At work, a clean and neat desk with 2 computer monitors speakers, phone, printer, Noah's Ark mug with pens, etc.
At home, mostly my laptop.

6. Peaches or watermelon...yes, you have to choose.
Today watermelon, tomorrow peaches.

7. Ever been skinny dippin'? Is that too much for the Wednesday Hodgepodge? Rest assured we won't need details...unless of course you feel you must but remember, this is a family friendly blog so keep it G rated.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Hubby and I have started a new blog dedicated solely to our love of Disney.  Here's the address if you want to check it out.  http://loveofanythingdisney.blogspot.com


  1. I'll have to check out your new blog ... we're planning on taking DD & her family to Disney next summer, so it's not too early to start some planning. ;-)

  2. I'll check it out...I like all things Disney too : ) We're toying with the idea of a few days there following Daughter2's graduation next Spring. We're all ready!

  3. Nice clean desk is what I have too. Boy you really got your blog up early! Good for you. Never been skinny dipping either-I wonder how many people will say yes to that one?

  4. We like the same smells!!!!! It's not summer without a good grilled steak!

  5. Good luck with your new blog. I will have to check it out..

    I love watermelon and peaches also.. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Way to get around the whole "only pick one answer" for #6!

  7. Enjoyed your answers! Good luck with your new blog. Cool idea!
    until next time... nel

  8. Ha! I like how you totally averted choosing only one!!!! ahahaha. Love the blueness of the summer sky. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  9. Ok...your desks sound ultra clean! Now I want to go declutter!!

  10. Perfect answer for fruit selection!!

    I love Everything Disney!! Can't wait to see your new blog!

  11. Fun answers!

    Went to check out your Disney blog. Great pics!

    We've only been to Disney World once, but would love to go again. We, too, drove from Virginia and all your memories of the road brought back memories for me. I'm hoping you'll give good tips on how to make the most of a Disney vacation! I'd love to read about those.

    Thanks for sharing!


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