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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures Driving Down the Road

Sometimes when I head out to work in the morning, the sun is shining so bright and the sky is so pretty I can't resist grabbing my camera and just snapping away. Yes, I am driving, but I don't focus the camera. I just open the window (or not) and snap away (and know I don't put the camera up to my face, I am totally watching my driving. I did this yesterday and I'm just now seeing what I actually captured. I often wonder what the people in the cars around me are thinking.

Anyway, here they are if you want to see them. I have a very short drive to work, but it's rather picturesque I think.  As you'll see, I've done no editing at all.  You can see the car in some and all kids of wires, but the sky sure was pretty yesterday and I imagine in a couple of weeks or so the trees should be full of colors.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. These are great...great driving/photo skills.. I love the sun rays in the first pic and the double yellow in the mirror of pic #2. Beautiful!!!!!

  2. So pretty, Cathy ~ I take pictures while driving too! It's pretty wild, probably the most wild thing I do! LOL
    I have to send you this link...
    I thought of you immediately when I saw these cupcakes!
    They look super easy to make with the regular and mini Oreos!
    I wish you a lovely Sunday!

  3. I love your photos of your drive to work. I have to say that you have a much prettier view than me; lol. It looks very beautiful where you live. I always love to have my camera beside me at all times. You never know what photo ops await you.

    Blessings and love,


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