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Thursday, December 1, 2011

This and That Thursday

I really don't have any one thing to fill a blog post, so I just thought I'd share a bunch of little stuff today.

Here's Lily coming in from the snow Tuesday night.  It was coming down really hard and was so pretty (except for when I was trying to drive in it).  Lily loves the snow and I just had to get a picture of her covered in the white stuff for the first time this winter.

Here you can see the grass covered and it's still coming down.  Obviously the pavement and roads were too warm for it to stick to them.  When we got up Wednesday morning it was all gone and the grass was bright green.  Oh well, it was pretty while it lasted.

Saturday we painted walls at my mom and dad's house.  As a Christmas present last year we got them a gift card to buy paint and then promised we'd paint for them.  Well as you can see, it's almost Christmas again and we just finally got around to painting.  It was really a lot of fun.  With all five of us kids there, plus some spouses, children and grandchildren, it took no time at all to do the livingroom and hallway.  My mom has tons of things hanging on the wall, so my job was to go around and take pictures of it all so we'd know where to hang them back when we were done.  This was the last wall I had to do.  That's my sister holding that picture up because she had already started removing things before I took the picture.  Anyway, with so many of us, the painting job was completed by around noon (with pictures rehung).  Now we just need to do the kitchen and family room.

Here's a picture of the entire group of us on Thanksgiving.  Everyone was there except Kelli.  We sure did miss her.  Also in the group is my cousin and his family.  We really always have so much fun when we all get together.  I think this is the first time ever when no one complained when I asked to get a group photo.  My brother was able to set the timer on my camera (I have not idea how it works) and everyone of us are in the photo and I even think everyone is smiling and have their eyes open too.
Have you seen this movie?  I just watched it over the weekend and it was really good.  I highly recommend it.  Loved the lessons it teaches.
That's all for now folks.  Have a blessed day.


  1. I'm jealous ... I wish we had some snow. And the kind you had - where it doesn't stick to the sidewalks or streets and doesn't last too long is the best kind ... all the beauty of a snowfall without the hassle.

    Glad you got some walls painted. That's an excellent idea on how to tell where the pictures need to be rehung. I'll have to remember that the next time I do any painting.

    Nice big group you had there at Thanksgiving. I don't know how to work the timer either ... between trying to figure it out and then position it so no one will be cut off, etc. just sounds like too much trouble for me. ha!

  2. What a great family photo and such a thoughtful gift for your parents!

    Happy December!

  3. What a great gift for parents! I will have to remember that option. Love the family photo! You had snow, we had 64 degrees! Did the earth tip?

  4. Looks like a Lovely Thanksgiving Family Picture!

    We watched a movie today....I'd never heard of it. We rented it on itunes....it was called 7 Days in Utopia. I thought it was a nice movie...nice message.

    Happy Christmastime to you!

  5. Hi Cathy!
    We had a little snow here and it came and went so quickly. We're in the middle of a fairly "warm" week for this time of year! Slowly, very slowly placing a few Christmas decorations here and there. Not too many though...
    It was so nice that you painted for your parents. My brother just gave that gift to our father for his birthday in September and painted his hallway a few weeks ago. Those gifts are so appreciated.
    Wishing you a wonderful start to December ~ enjoy the weekend!


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