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Monday, January 16, 2012

Still Counting One Thousand Gifts

Yes I'm still counting and I don't intend to quit until I reach a thousand. Hopefully by then it will be so engrained in me I'll never quit.

73. I've been blessed to have the same job for 35 years and I've worked with our current police chief during that entire time.  He was a sergeant when I started and has been the chief for over 24 years.  He's retiring this week and I know I'm going to miss him, but I'm so thankful to have been allowed to work with him all they years.  He's a great Chief and more importantly a great man.

74. Saw a beautiful sunrise this morning. The skies were a beautiful pink. I wish I would have taken a picture.

75. Kelli has been home for a month and it's been wonderful.  We took her to the air port this morning (which is why I saw the sunrise) and she flew back to school at 7:00 AM.   I've talked to her and she is back safe and sound. God is so good.

76.Spending some time in the evening with Kelli just sitting and watching some great movies together.

77. Trying to speak some words of encouragement and wisdom to each girl and knowing God has some wonderful plans for each of their lives.  Praying they will seek Him with all their heart.

78.  Fun times shopping together and eating together (all 4 of us).  Now we're back to 3 here and 1 there, but knowing that God is with all of us.

79.  Having free time today to finish a good book.

80.  Visiting at the rehabilitation center with my 87 year old Aunt and watching her and my dad (her 83 year old brother) interacting together and hoping to some day at those ages do that with my brothers and sisters.

81.  So blessed to still have both of my parents still her and in relative good health and still being able to learn so much from both of them.  And finally learning what a treasure they are and how much God has blessed us through them.

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  1. Joining you from Ann's place. I try to visit a few blogs that post near mine. You have such a lovely list of gratitudes. It's such a blessing to enjoy your job and co-workers for 35 year. I'm very happy for you. Also, nothing beats a pink sunrise. Thanks for sharing.


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