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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Is Coming

Okay, I want to know something. Am I the only one already listening to Christmas music? I've been listening here at work since November 1st. I love Christmas music and if we don't start listening early we only get about a month of it. I personally think it deserves much more time than that. haha

Of course, that doesn't explain why I'm already thinking about Christmas decorations. Hubby and I went out this weekend and bought a new 7.5 foot tree. Can't wait to put that up. Hopefully, that will be sometime this next week. I know, I know...Thanksgiving isn't even here yet. I love Thanksgiving. I really do, but come on, the decorations for Thanksgiving aren't nearly as fun as Christmas decorations. haha

I promise, I'll keep my blinds pulled when the tree lights are on until after Thanksgiving or maybe Thanksgiving night. Hubby and I will just enjoy them in the privacy of our home. Will that be okay? haha I'll even try to contain myself and not show pictures of our Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving too.

So okay, are there any more of you out there that are early Christmas celebrators? Come on....don't leave me hanging here by myself!


  1. Sorry, but I just can't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving ... but first thing Friday morning we're getting our tree and putting up decorations while listening to Christmas music. ;-)

  2. Where did you find your tree? I'm still angry about Sam's Club knocking theirs down to 7 ft! UGH!

    I want to turn on the music, but I know I get burned out easily on it, so resisting until after Thanksgiving :)

  3. I love Christmas music. I was thrilled when my daughter brought home someone's CD for me to copy for work, it just so happens it was Rod Stewarts new one so now I don't have to buy it. I am going out of town twice this month so I hope to start my trees on the 16th before Thanksgiving. I am ready for some happiness here and nothing better than Christmas to make me smile!


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