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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Joyce tells us it's only four hodgepodges til Christmas in case you were wondering.  Click the button above to play along.

1. With that being said I think I need to dive right in to some Christmas related questions, don't you? Which do you prefer-pretty gift wrap with a bow or a pretty gift bag with/without a bow? What percentage of your holiday gifts are currently (as in right this very minute) wrapped in some form or fashion?
Depends.  If I'm wrapping then I prefer a bag without a bow.  However if I'm unwrapping, I prefer a pretty gift wrap with a bow.  I have not wrapped anything yet except the gifts for the kids on the giving tree.  Hubby and did those last night.

2. What is one item on your Christmas list this year?
Dolly Parton's new book, "Dream More."

3. What makes a home?
Love and respect for those living there.

4. Motown founder Berry Gordy celebrates his birthday on Hodgepodge Day-November 28th. Are you a fan of the Motown sound? If so, who's your favorite Motown artist and/or song? Here's a list in case you're stuck.
I wouldn't consider myself a fan, but I recognized several on that list.  I like "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5.

5. Red or green-which one is more prevalent in your closet?
 I really don't have a lot of either, but I definitely have more red and green.

6. True or false-bacon makes it better? If you answered true, what's your favorite dish made with bacon?
True.  BLT Sandwiches


7. Share a favorite holiday memory.
The Christmas that the girls were 2 and 5.  I had to work dayshift that day so we got the girls up about 6am so we could all be together.  We opened gifts and had our time together.  Then I had to leave for work and hubby had to put all the Barbie paraphernalia together.  You know there are about a 1000 pieces to those things.  Sometimes having to work a holiday isn't all bad! haha

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
We've had our tree up for a couple weeks but we still have yet to put the first ornament on it.  Maybe tonight we'll start.  I don't know what we're waiting on.  :)  Oh by the way, click on my sidebar and check out the Christmas Tree Photo Link Party that's taking place on December 19th.  Looking forward to it (well, if I get my ornaments on the tree in time.)


  1. LOL awww your poor hubby! I'm sure he had some fun doing it, though!

  2. Putting together all those presents is a huge chore! We didn't do the Barbie things (having three boys) but Lego's were frustrating!!!

  3. I remember putting together Barbie things-poor hub. I enjoy a BLT sandwich! Have a great week.

  4. We once had a Playmobil ship that took Santa ALL NIGHT. Ah, the memories! We often 'enjoy' our tree for several days before adding ornaments. It's just hard to do everything all at once! Ha!

  5. That is a great song. Putting some of those toys together is a big job. I am glad there is usually someone else that likes to do it :)

  6. Thankfully, neither one of my girls were much into Barbies. I love Dolly Parton, so I'm sure her book is a real keeper. She's just so genuine.

  7. My husband always manages to fall asleep while I'm left with the last minute wrapping and putting together of things. Sounds like your work schedule was a blessing in disguise that year!

  8. I forgot that I haven't gotten our Angel Tree gifts. I will have the Ts again on Friday ... I think a trip to Target for Angel Tree gifts would be a good idea for something to do (I chose kids who are the same age as my Ts, so this will be a good life session in compassion for them).

  9. I gotta get my Christmas tree pictures taken for the event.. that's gonna be fun! :)

    Didnt know Dolly had a new book out... LOVE Dolly!!!

  10. Your Barbie story reminded me of the Christmas my youngest was born and we'd gotten the oldest her first Barbie. Hubs videotaped me holding my 3 month old in one hand while trying to unwrap that Barbie in the other all while my 3 year old jumped up and down at my knee. They package those things to survive an invasion from outer space! We learned to open all the Barbie stuff before we wrapped it, undid all those twist ties they love and the plastic sealed across the feet, and just put them back in the box. We always put batteries in stuff ahead of time too. So much calmer on Christmas morning : )

  11. I was too old to have a Barbie doll however I remember playing with Barbie with my youngest sister and of course my girls although neither were big on dress-ups and C was into Cabbage Patch.

  12. Love the Barbie story! Yes, sometimes there is an advantage to working..... Hope you get that tree decorated!

  13. I didn't get too many Barbie things that my parents had to put together. I think my parents did it on purpose. lol

  14. I remember when my hubby spent more of Christmas day putting together the Barbie dream house for our daughters. I also remember some dolls that you see on TV doing "amazing" things like changing hair color, etc. But, it never worked as well in real life.

  15. Last year was the first year the twins received gifts that had to be put together. My poor husband and father in law... they were WAY over their head at some points. :-)


  16. My trees are only half way done and that's okay. We have all month, although I would like to be done by the 19th to join the Christmas tree party!


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