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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It's time for Friday Fragments, so click the button above and go join in with Mrs.4444's. Of course, read mine first and comment and then go see Mrs. 4444's. haha

Back at work full time now. I have really enjoyed the last few weeks having some days off each week. I really think it wouldn't take me to long to get used to being retired. Oh well, my day will come someday (I hope).

Finally got my house back in order. All the decorations and the tree are down and put away. Furniture back where it belongs. Ahh now I can rest better.

Been listening to the live stream sessions of Passion 2013. Or when I miss the live stream, I catch the video later. There have sure been some good messages. Beth Moore, Louie Giglio, Gary Haugen, Judah Smith and Francis Chan so far. Awesome!!! There are 60,000 mostly college age students in attendance at the Dome in Atlanta. My oldest daughter is one of them. I can't want til she comes home and I can hear all about it.

That's about all I have right now.


  1. My oldest really wanted to attend, but the timing is not good for her with work. We're doing the Scripture Memory with LPM again this year and maybe 2014 will be the January we get to go to the celebration!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I'd forgotten all about Passion 2013. I think I'll have that one this afternoon as I begin to pack.

    I never did - and still don't - understand people who don't look forward to/can't get used to being retired. ;-) Hoping your day comes soon.

  3. I've been watching Passion ALL morning... hope your daughter is having a great time!!!

  4. Ugh, back to work for me too. The time off was so nice. Sure hope your new year is off to a great start!

  5. I admire that you got all your decorations down and are back to work full time. Let me tell you that being home can lead to a little bit of being lazy often. I always leave my decorations up until mid-January but they are starting to bug me. Will be starting to gather and repack boxes in a few days!

  6. I don't undecorate yet - - - - it's not March yet.

    OH I DO KID, but not by much.

  7. That Passion Conference sounds amazing! I'll have to google it as I love many of the speakers you mentioned.

  8. Oh one of the ladies from my Bible study had mentioned maybe attending this. Totally forgot aobut it! Have a great weekend!


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