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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Spent Friday night at home. Planned to just relax and watch TV. Our youngest came over and Carolyn cut her hair and dyed it black. Her hair is normally very dark, but this summer she put Sun-In on it and it lightened quite a bit and turned rather reddish and she wants it dark again. I watched the baby so they could do it. Fun evening.

Saturday, hubby and I were alone. We went to lunch and then did our Walmarting. It was rather nice. Then we came home and took a nap (love me a good Saturday or Sunday afternoon nap). When we went to my mom and dads and visited with all the family except my youngest brother and his wife. I love my family.

Sunday we had a good morning worship service and then met hubby's family for lunch. Then we just relaxed for the afternoon at home. I tried to watch Downton Abbey online, but could never get it to work without tons of pauses on my computer. So I gave up. Now I'm 3 episodes behind. So I guess I'll have to catch it on my Kindle through Prime after the season is over. Sunday nights at my house is not a good time to watch it on TV as the rest of my family isn't interested in it. Actually we're watching "Lion King" right now. I love Disney movies! Pumbaa just had a good line.

"Home is where your rump rests." Made me laugh.  
I think I'll wrap up with some more things I want to say "Thanks" for:

16. Time with my family
17. Time with my husband's family
18. Visiting with my youngest daughter
19. Time alone with my man
20. Walmart
21. A nice relaxing weekend (a three day weekend at that)!
22. Naps
23. Holding Carina while she napped Sunday afternoon.  She is so cuddly.
24. Disney movies
25. Beautiful sunshine - it's cold but the skies have sure been beautiful


  1. I like naps as well, and wonder why I didn't enjoy them more when I was younger? Sounds like a nice weekend to me.

  2. That always drives me bonkers when I try to watch something online and it never uploads. I, too, usually just give up out of frustration. Do you know that I've never watched one episode of "Downton Abbey"? Crazy, isn't it? Glad you had a good weekend, Cathy!

  3. I try to let it pause a little to try & get 'ahead' so videos wont stop... but somedays, the connection is so bad, i give up.

    Love Pumba & Timon :)


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