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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

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Started a new afghan this week. I haven't done a granny square in a long, long time. So I got on Youtube and watched an instructional video for just a simple square. It's going to be a baby afghan. However, I'm just making one big square and will alternate colors as I go. I only have a light blue yarn on hand, so this will be the center. Hoping to get out this weekend and buy a couple other colors and really get going on this afghan. Planning to take it on our trip next week to work on when we're relaxing in the evening or whenever.

Speaking of trips, we leave for Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge next week. I am so looking forward to time away with my hubby to just relax and enjoy. No real special plans, just to be together like we were before kids. This will be our first trip for just the two of us in over 16 years.

Lily seems to be all recovered from her ailments. I haven't seen her limp all week and the other issues seem cleared up too.

Monday is our 24th anniversary. I cannot believe we've been married that long. It seems like forever, but then it also seems like just yesterday. I love the life I have with my man!


  1. ahhh - look at you in your wedding dress :) Happy Anniversary!!!

    I hate when my doggies arthritis flares up. I load them up on glucosimine tablets.

    Have fun in Gatlinburg!!! I'm DYING to get back down there soon! Have some pancakes for me!!!

  2. Congrats and Happy anniversary!!

    Glad Lily is feeling better and Enjoy Gatlinbrg!!

  3. What a beautiful wedding photo! Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful time away. So glad that Lily is feeling better.

  4. Happy Anniversary !!!! We will be 25 in August. Dresses look similar. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful time in Gatlinburg! I can't wait to hear/see all about your trip.

  6. Happy anniversary!!! Have a great time in Gatlinburg...I have never been there so I hope you post some pictures!

  7. Happy, happy Anni and here's hoping you have MANY more.

  8. Glad to read the puppy is feeling better! Happy 24 years together! That is awesome! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!