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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z Challenge Letter N

N is for

Nemo with Marlin and Dory at EPCOT

The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT

Finding Nemo, The Musical
Yes, I know this is a troll and that doesn't start with N, but guess where the troll is.  It's in a store in Norway in EPCOT and Norway starts with N!


  1. I love the ride in Norway : ) I'm enjoying your pictures and feeling the need for a Disney trip. So much has been added since I was there last.

  2. LOL! Love how you tied in "Norway"! I don't think we spent as much time in Epcot as we should have. We mainly saw the parade, which was AMAZING. I think we went there on our last day and were tired. I think I need to go back! :)

  3. I saw those last November at Epcot, it was so much fun. Did you know a Dora movie is coming out in 2015?

  4. Your Disney posts are really amping up the excitement level here ... we are less than 4 weeks away, and I can NOT wait! ;-) I think I need to watch Nemo this afternoon while sewing.

  5. Oh, the pics we've taken in front of that troll! He's a naughty little bugger sometimes! But I do hate that they have moved him to that back wall. The middle of the floor suited him so much better!

  6. OK... Nemo looks a little scary in that first picture. :)

    THAT's a troll! WOW!!!!

  7. Yay for Nemo! Great word choice, Cathy! Did you know that "Finding Dori" is coming out in 2015? So excited!

  8. More fun - that is not fair! sandie