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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A to Z Challenge Letter V

V is for

My Vikings at Norway at EPCOT

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Villains in Vogue ( a really cool shop at Disney's Hollywood Studio)

Volta Val (one of the boats on the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom)

Voices of Liberty (singers at EPCOT - awesome)


  1. I need to go back through your posts and make a list of the things I'd not seen nor done when we were at Disney 5 years ago so I can try to make sure I see or do them all this time. ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. I was half afraid my hubby would kill me for that, but he didn't say much when I showed him this morning. Heaven only knows what the girls will say if they see that picture. haha

  3. the viking hats are great..

  4. I'd thought you'd struggle with V ... you knocked that one out. I'd love to shop in the Villian store. So fun!!!

  5. I did like Voyage of the LM, but having to scooch down in the seat so that little kids could see is really painful! No matter where we sat, we are always asked. They really need better seating in that theater so little kids can see and adults don't have to walk out of there funny after being scrunched in a seat for 20 minutes!

    Villains in Vogue...love/hate relationship. They really need actual villain merchandise, not just pirates and nightmare stuff (not that I don't love both). Years ago that store was the coolest on property, now it only gets the slightest of perusals!

    But I really do love Voices of Liberty too! And the Viking hats are great! I'm always too chicken to try on hats (although I do wear whatever hat I bought in the privacy of my own home!

  6. I had no idea most of these were even in Disney!

  7. Love the Viking hats! We have pictures from one trip where our kids put on hats in every country-so fun!

  8. Hi Cathy, From these posts it certainly looks like you had a fabulous vacation. Enjoyed my A to Z visit. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living