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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Time for Friday Fragments again. Click the button above if you want to join in with us.

* Hubby finally broke down and went to the doctor this week. He's got a really bad sinus infection, which he already knew. But they gave him some antibiotics, etc. However, the doctor said the infection still had to run its course and it would probably be another week or so.

* I'm fighting one too, but not as bad as his. Pretty much all we've been doing is going to work and then coming home and resting. We've done a little work at the house, such as trimming bushes out front and just running the sweeper and stuff. Haven't felt like cooking much or anything, so it's been sandwiches and stuff like that.

* Youngest daughter was supposed to come yesterday to mow, but it rained all day. Hoping for a dry day today because the grass is crazy high.

* My brother brought home fresh peaches from either Tennessee or Georgia for the family. They are soooo good. I've been working on them this week too. Still have to finish them up tonight. It's wonderful to have some fresh, frozen peaches for the summer. I love them in my cereal or just to eat plain. I could make a cobbler also, but no one else in this house will eat it. So, I'll just be good and eat them in my cereal. haha

* We just watched the first season of Chicago Fire on "On Demand". Anybody else watching that show? It's pretty good actually.

*  Bloglovin - is anyone else having problems with this.  Seems like some of blogs I follow are not updating here all the time.  Some do and some don't.  And it's different ones, different days.  Just wonder if there's a setting or something I'm missing and/or if anyone else having this problem.  I just really don't want to miss anyone's new posts.

Okay, that's it. I've got nothing else to frag about. So hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I'm having the same problems with Bloglovin. I reported it ... after a day or so, they responded with the report that all my blogs were updated. I responded back with a list of the blogs that weren't updating. I haven't heard anything back, and that's been a month or two ago. So I am not going to use Bloglovin. :-(

    Hope you and your hubby feel better *soon*.

  2. I hope both you and your hubby get over your sinus infections - they are no fun! sandie

  3. I wish we would have watched Chicago Fire, the preview always look so good! Enjoy your weekend and your peaches. Hope you 2 start feeling better!

  4. Don't have Bloglovin, sorry. I wonder what is up? They could be updating their programing.

    I hate sinus infections. I am prone to those as well. Very unpleasant.

    I hope the grass gets cut soon :-)

  5. Sorry about not feeling well. Hope your both feeling better soon. Also I hope it is dry so your lawn gets cut. Those peaches sound delicious! I got mad when Bloglovin' changed their set-up and yes I found I always had issues with people not loading. They eventually do but they can be very late compared to Feedly. I've been sticking with Feedly. I've been doing both since we heard about Reader closing. I'm actually liking them better because I can read the whole post, like in reader, before actually going over. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Sinus infections are no fun - usually when I get one it takes a few days for the antibiotics to kick in - hopefully both of you will feel better soon!

    Ooooh! Fresh peaches from Georgia? Heaven! :)

    I watched Chicago Fire - love it! Can't wait for next season! :)

    I haven't been paying attention notice if Bloglovin' is functioning properly or not - I guess I better pay attention! :)

    Farewell to Friday for a Temporary Hiatus

  7. We too are getting lots of rain which makes the grass grow fast but also makes it hard to mow when it isn't wet.

    BUT after last summer's drought I'm NOT complaining.