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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recent Photographs

Here are some pictures I've taken recently. I really haven't been taking a lot of photos for the last month or so, so just in the last week I've been trying to take a few.  Here are some of them.

The moon from my back porch on Friday night. (the night before the super moon)

The sky Sunday night from our church parking lot.

The moon from our front driveway on Sunday night (the night after the super moon)
This flower is in front of where I work.

This is from my house and I had just watered them

I thought the water drops were kind of cool.

I saw this flower out in front of the restaurant we ate supper at Monday night.  I love the lacy looking edges.

My new pedometer.  I decided it's time I start walking more and that this would help me keep track and hopefully motivate me to reach a certain amount each day.
That's all for now. 


  1. Ohhh - I love pedometers :) If you ever get a chance, buy a FitBit... its my best friend :)

    You've been snap-happy lately - I love that!

  2. Beautiful sky pictures! That moon was beautiful and lit up the sky. Before I read what you wrote about the lacy edges on that pinkish flower I thought it :) Love the water droplets!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous shots, Cathy! I love taking pictures, too...A LOT! I've missed you and the other gals!

  4. I really enjoyed your photos, especially the flowers :)

  5. I always take sky pictures. You know no two are the same. We had clouds so no big moon site for us. I just got out my pedometer to start using again!

  6. The pictures are awesome and I like the water drops!

  7. Between wanting to howl and the moon ones and lick the water off the flower ones I think I really need to get a camera like yours!

  8. Why are flowers so pretty with water on them???
    Great pictures!