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Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

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1. Wednesday, July 24th is Drive Thru day - do you have any drive thrus that you have a hard time passing?
No, not really.

2. Other than signing your name, when was the last time you physically wrote something?
I just wrote a check this morning.

3. What was the first movie you saw in a movie theater? the latest one?
I don't remember what the first movie was, but I do remember at a very early age seeing some Disney movies at our local Town Hall Theater (which is no longer there, by the way).  I remember seeing "Lady and the Tramp."  The latest one is "Red 2"...Just watched it Saturday.

4. Have you ever visited Disney?
Several times.  If you're interested you can take a look at my April posts.  They are all pictures from some of the many trips we have taken to Disney World.

One of our most favorite signs when heading to Disney World.
#5 is a question we add ourselves for you to answer in the comments.
5.   Are you planning a vacation, if so, where to?


  1. Did you enjoy Red 2? I just saw Red (on TV) the other day, and the commercials for Red 2 look interesting. We probably won't go see it at the theater ... will likely wait to rent it on DVD.

    1. Yes, I did enjoy it. We were invited to go with my sister and her husband. Hubby and I have not see Red yet. We mostly just went along to spend some time with them. After seeing "Red" we went to "Red" Robin for lunch. :)

  2. Yes we have vacation plans - we are cruising around Norway in August - follow my blog after August 14th.

  3. This fall I am going to New England take a cruise up the coast to see all the fall colors.

  4. Ed and I split his vacation up into several long weekends, and just stayed home. We've taken several day trips to the beach though.

  5. We are thinking of doing a few weekend adventures with the kids, but no definite plans for a big trip right now - we're still recovering from our month home to Toronto

  6. No vacation plans here. David isn't allowed to walk right now and the kids start back to school within a month's time.

    The closest that we'll have to a vacation is making the three+ hour trip to take our oldest to her new college and that is going to be a depressing trip. I'm not ready for her to be so far away from home.

    Have a great day!

  7. Well, my husband and a couple pals are going to Arkansas for a long weekend at the start of his August vacation this year. I'm ticked because I've never been to Arkansas and Id love to go too. I don't think we have anything planed or the rest of his vacation week yet.

  8. I'm learning I can't pass a Starbucks drive thru... that's dangerous :)

  9. LOL....have your even been to Disney!!!! I don't have a favorite drive thru, we seldom eat fast food. I certainly don't remember the first movie I ever saw.

  10. Ha-that last question was made for you I think : ) Did you like Red2?

  11. My first movie was The Blob. Did you like Red 2? We went to see Grown Ups 2 and it was HORRIBLE! Loved the Lone Ranger. sandie

  12. I have had my vacation in June and it was fabulous. We usually go to Mexico with my family.

  13. We might go hiking in the mountains in late September, but I am not sure yet.

  14. I can't even remember when I last wrote a check. Probably before my bank decided to change our account numbers due to the IRS hack in our state. I still have the old checks and never bothered to order new ones or replace the ones I have from the bank for free as they offered because the only person I ever wrote a check for was the owner of my duplex to pay my rent because I was too lazy to go to the bank to get the money.

    As for a vacation? I'd love to go back to Disney but I have to have money for that and it's more fun to get someone to go with you which is hard to do for me as most everybody has significant others, families, etc and it's just me and the dogs.


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