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Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's been a good weekend. Kelli's last weekend before heading back to school.

* Friday evening Kelli, Tracy and I all just stayed home. We ordered in for supper and just watched TV together and played with the puppy and had a nice quiet evening at home.

* Saturday morning Tracy and I took the puppy for 2 more shots. She's gained 1 1/2 pounds since she's been with us. She is doing really well and we love her alot.

* After we took the pup back home, Tracy and I went out and ran our usual Saturday errands (you know, groceries, etc.) and then he took me to lunch at Red Lobster. Yummy!

* Kelli went out Saturday evening with a girlfriend and Tracy and I and Lucy all went to my mom and dad's to visit with the family. Good time just visiting and being together.

* Sunday morning we went to church and then met Tracy's family at a local pizza place for lunch. Lots of pictures were taken. After all Kelli has a new camera that she is having a blast with.

Kelli and Kerri

Charlie and Kerri

Kerri and Kelli
Cousins - We have been blessed with a good-looking family, haven't we?
Me and Tracy (it was totally an accident that we dressed in the same color, but too good of a photo opportunity to pass up)
And that's about it for our weekend.  How was yours?


  1. It's always hard when your kids have to head back to school, isn't it? I always hate to see Brittany go. You do have a great looking family, Cathy...you've been blessed!

  2. Well that was a busy and fun weekend. Love all the pictures, fun seeing my friends families.

  3. Ahhh - love the picture of you & tracy ... you twinsies.

  4. Popped over for a visit from Kathy's blog. It is always hard for me when my daughter leaves, but then she is married now and lives in another state! Makes college seem like nothing, lol. Your family IS quite good looking. Enjoy your day!

  5. We took our son to college on Friday. Very sad day!

  6. What a great looking family! So how did the new puppy do on her own today?

  7. I bet its hard to see your daughter go back to school. At least you have that adorable little puppy to keep you company. So nice to see a pic of you! Have a great week!!!

  8. What a fabulous family you've been blessed with. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!


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