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Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hubby and I had a nice quiet relaxed weekend.  We had to cancel church services on Sunday due to the weather.  So we had a full day at home then.  This is the kind of weekend we like.

I bought a new pair of house shoes on Saturday.  Lucy has decided she loves them and keeps stealing them.  She is so funny!  She must like pink with bling.  haha

Lucy outside on Saturday.  Such a nice day outside.

Another picture of her playing outside on Saturday.  As you can see I've been playing with Instacollage and Instagram.  Loving these apps.

She was worn out after playing outside, and also at her grandma's house.

Sunday playing in the snow.

I saw this on FB and just had to post it.  I think its hysterical and probably a little true too.  lol


  1. Good morning! Cute pictures of Lucy! And haha to that last pic! Going to remember that. Enjoy your day!

  2. I'm lovin' your snazzy pink slippers! Lucy just keeps getting cuter all the time! Sorry you're still having such miserable weather...we're getting rain right now, but, at least it's warm!

  3. I love your house slippers :)
    I'll be so glad when the weather stabilizes, so we can get on with spring!

  4. Wow, didn't know about your weather. Its been a crazy year. Love your new slippers and the photos of Lucy.
    Really cute one with the snow on her head......

  5. Our dogs love our shoes, socks &all things feet too :)

  6. I love a comfy cute pair of slippers. I'm wearing my favorites now, also pink : )

  7. Those shoes look comfy ... and warm! I like that cartoon ... I could easily say that about me as well. ;-) Our church services were cancelled yesterday as was the swim meet, so it was nice to have a lazy day at home.

  8. Take care of yourself in the chill climate. Love your pink color shoe. They both seem to be same, so that you can were anyone on any leg. Your dog is enjoying the climate...