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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Thought I'd do some fragments of our trip.

We went to Downtown Disney a couple of times.  We always enjoy this place. 

I love shopping here.

This one of my favorite picture spots at Downtown Disney.

I want this painted on my bathroom wall or door.  Can you imagine someone telling you this every day.

We ate at one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Titusville, FL.  It's called Dixie Crossroads.

And we got this wonderful shrimp and corn fritters.  I also had some of the best ever clam chowder!  Can I just say DELICIOUS!!
We saw the ocean

We saw palm trees.

We saw this big wood stork.

We relaxed on a dock at Port Canaveral.  Those are large cruise ships in the background
We saw this beautiful bird while relaxing along the St. John's River

This bird was there too.

Kelli and her roommate at Downtown Disney in Mickey ear's grad cap

We took a boat ride and learned about sponge diving in Tarpon Springs

This was such a beautiful day.
So there are some fragments of our trip.  We had an awesome time. Now it's on to a 3 day weekend.  Hope you all have a great one!


  1. Looks like good weather. Did you happen to take in that circus show at Downtown Disney. We enjoy that years ago.

    1. We had rain the first few days, but after graduation, it cleared up and was perfect weather the rest of the time. No, we have never done the circus show, although, I hear really good things about it.

  2. I've never been to Downtown Disney ... I think I'll do that the next time we go to Disney. ;-)

    Love the rest of your pictures!

    1. You really should go. It's got a lot of things to do and see. They are remodeling it right now and it should be even better when they are finished.

  3. Thank you for sharing your trip. It looks like a lot of fun.

  4. You went to Tarpon Springs???? I go there all the time to eat Gyro's when I'm at my dads. He is about 10 minutes away from there. Love the graduation hats! When I'm in Orlando in a few weeks I am going to do Downtown Disney this trip. I haven't been there in well over 10 years, maybe longer.

    1. Love Tarpon Springs! My aunt and uncle used to live there.

  5. Looks like an awesome trip and BTW, you look fabulous, darling!

  6. Sounds you are having an enjoyable trip. Have a nice day!

  7. How could you be that close & NOT go back to Disney?!?!?!?!? :)

  8. Looks like a lot of fun and pretty sights! That seafood looks awesome - yum. That would be hilarious to have that image and caption on your bathroom wall. It would make for a lot of fun comments from visitors too. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Looks like you had a very nice and relaxing trip.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. HA! I love the Mickey ear grad caps.

  11. I enjoyed the pictures from your trip, especially those graduation caps :)

  12. I love the hats too! We are trying to plan a Disney trip with our grandkids. Trying to pick a time that works fornall is frustrating but we will get there.
    I lived along the St.Johns River when I was little. I remember fire ants.and eels:)


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