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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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1. July is National Anti-Boredom Month. When was the last time you were bored? What's your go-to cure for boredom?
Sometimes I'll get bored when somethings on TV I don't really like.  My best cure for boredom is reading a good book.

2. What's the last thing you made a reservation for?
Our hotel room in Florida and Georgia. 

3. What's one thing on your summer 'bucket list'? Any plans to make it happen?
Here's my summer bucket list and where I stand on it so far
1. I want to read several books.  I've read one book, started another and have listened to 3 audio books. I just started another audio book about Elizabeth Smart.  I think that's a pretty good start.
2. I want to finish re-doing our bathroom.
3. I want to wash all the windows in our house.
4. I want to clean the garage and get rid of a bunch of stuff.
5. I hope to find at least 25 more Geocache's. Found 2 more this past weekend.
6. I hope to go on several picnics. We did our 2nd picnic this past weekend.
7. I hope to go stargazing at least once or twice this summer.
8. We're hoping to buy a new van.
9. I want to make reservations and plan a November vacation. Disney or Myrtle Beach...we'll find out. No reservations yet, but a decision has been made - 3 weeks at Myrtle Beach.  Dates picked, vacation time approved at work.  Good start.
10. I also want to start and complete the new Beth Moore Bible Study, Children of the Light. Still working on this Bible Study.

4. What's your favorite summertime sip?
Strawberry Lemonade

5. What do you find is the best way to handle another person's hostility and hopefully ease the tension?
Remain calm myself.

6. Your favorite film set in summer?
I'm not sure about favorite, but I love "The Music Man".  It ends with a July 4th celebration.

7. What word are you using too much lately?
How about "tired"?  I seem to be tired quite a bit lately.  I really need to get more rest.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Well the happy couple have picked a dated.  September, 2015.   That gives her plenty of time.  But she's so excited, you'd swear it was this September.  


  1. September is a great month for a wedding. The weather is usually wonderful too. I thought about saying tired : )

  2. I love all of these movies everybody is coming up with! At least the bride-to-be isn't waiting until the last minute!

  3. wow you do have quite the bucket list. I wanted to go with Sept for my daughter's wedding too but I lost that battle, lol. She went with June along with nine million other people it seemed. Tired is also on my list of words used to much...Enjoy your day!

  4. 3 weeks at the beach sounds amazing! Tired would be the word around here too! September 2015 will be here quicker than we know it! lol...

  5. Look at your bucket list. I need to be more thoughtful & even create one.
    September 2015! Let the countdown begin!!!

  6. Wow, that's quite a list and looks like you're doing pretty well with it. Maybe I should make a list. Lol

  7. September is a nice month for a wedding ... my daughter was married in September. ;-)

    Good luck on your summer bucket list.

  8. You've got a really good start on your bucket list! I like to read too but I've been stuck on the same book I was reading for a while now. I finally finished it last night so now I can move on to another one. I'm thinking about reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because the movie is coming out sometime this year. I like to read the book before I see the movie. September is a beautiful month for a wedding. I'm sure she is so excited!

  9. I read two books on vacation last week and I definitely have to start reading more! Your bucket list sounds great, hope you can get it all done. Music Man is a great movie. How exciting to have a date.....enjoy the ride!


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