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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Are the leaves turning color where you live? Have they begun to fall? Will you have to rake when it's all said and done? Is that a chore you love or loathe?
The leaves are just beginning to change around here.  There are just spots of color here and there.  Their not falling too much yet, and I don't think we'll have to rake, at least not any vast amount.  I don't mind the raking too bad, however I hate having to pick up the piles.  haha

2. When did you last shake like a leaf?
Sunday night when within 5 minutes I found 2 big black wolf spiders inside my house.  Can I tell you I am terrified of spiders.  Fortunately, my knight in shining armor was home and slayed both of the dragons!!

3. After 20 seasons with the NY Yankees, Derek Jeter played his last official game Sunday afternoon. Jeter has been described even by opponents as a 'class act', both on and off the field. The NFL is back in action this month too, with several players in that sport also making headlines. What are your thoughts on athletes as role models? Should a professional athlete be expected to act as role model or is that going beyond their job description? What responsibility do the organizations these athletes work for have when it comes to dealing with off the field behavior? Discuss.
Personally, I believe they should be a role model, if they are going to be in those positions.  Just like when someone decides to be a police officer or a teacher, they have to be careful how they behave in their private lives. When you chose to have those positions, then you are in front of kids and you do need to act accordingly.

4. What season of the year is toughest for you in terms of your health? Why?
I don't think any of the seasons make that much difference in my health.

5. The top six healthy food trends of 2014 according to Eating Well are-

clean eating (more veg, less meat, less sodium, limit alcohol and processed foods)
trash fish (you know those fish that get caught in fishermen nets and are thrown back? It seems chefs are finding creative ways to make them more appetizing)
cauliflower (this year's IT vegetable)
kaniwa (essentially baby quinoa, so like quinoa only smaller)
fermentation (think pickling except with twists on flavor we're not accustomed to)
community supported food (farms operating with community support/membership).

Okay-so how many of the hot healthy food trends for 2014 have you experienced, encountered, enjoyed? Any you've tried and said ewwww? Any on the list you'd like to try before year's end?
Not sure I've tried any and not sure I want too.  However, I do like cauliflower (one of my favorite veggies).  And as far as the clean eating, I already watch my sodium and I don't drink alcohol.  I probably do need to work a little harder on the processed food thing though.

6. In seven words or less, bid September adieu.
September, you haven't been an easy month.

7. What's something on your October calendar that makes you happy just thinking about it?
My oldest turns 24.  Although I won't get to be with her in person, it still makes me happy.  Also, passing out candy to trick or treaters makes me happy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am having so much fun loom knitting (check it out on YouTube, if you don't know what I mean).  I making the coolest multi-colored scarf.  It's about 4 1/2 feet long so far.  I can't decide how long to make it.  So any ideas?  How long do you like your winter knitted scarves to be?  Give a girl some help, please.


  1. A wolf spider in my house would probably make me keel over on the spot! I detest spiders, especially big, hairy ones!

  2. I always heard you're supposed to make a scarf as tall as you are so when it folds, its still long enough to wrap around your neck. I always take my loom & hold it where I can drape the yarn around my neck to get the length I want :)

  3. I'd likely freak at the site of a wolf spider too. And I know my daughter would! I told my hubs I won't squash anything that is going to crunch when I hit it. Those are for him to deal with! Enjoy your day : )

  4. I don't like spiders either! Just killed one this morning.

  5. I enjoy passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, too. Unfortunately, the only ones we have are our grandchildren because we live out in the country.
    I hope the month of October will be a better month for you :)

  6. Don't make them too long. I once saw someone nearly strangle themselves because their scarf got caught. I like to tuck them into a coat. Look forward to seeing your completed work.

  7. Two spiders??? Yikes! Good thing your Knight was there to slay them ... because the only good spider is a dead spider!


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