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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Time for the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Click the button to the left to play along.

1. What's something you take for granted, that when you stop and think about it you feel truly grateful for?
My family.  I have a tendency to take for granted my hubby (See yesterdays tribute to my husband) and also my brothers and sisters.  I truly appreciate each one of them and all they have done and are doing to take care of our parents.  I'm so thankful to have each of them.

2. The color brown-love it or no? What's your favorite shade of brown? Most loved something in your home or closet in a shade of brown?
I like brown, although I really don't have very much brown in my house or closet.  My favorite shade is chocolate.  Maybe it's not the color I like but the taste.  lol  

3. What's something you're looking forward to today?
Kelli coming home for Christmas and getting to have Christmas with both our girls.

4. The word 'feminism' is not new, but it has been generating all kinds of headlines in recent days and months. What do you think/feel when you hear the word? If you're a woman, do you want to be described as a feminist? Why or why not?
I would not describe myself as a feminist.  See, I really don't think I want to be treated as an equal.  I like having someone open the door for me and treat me with an extra respect, just because I'm a woman.  Probably not a popular answer, but it's the way I feel.

5. What's something you personally can't eat without making a mess?
Spaghetti, I always manage to get a spot of sauce on my top.

6. When did you last surprise someone with a little gift or when were you last surprised by someone with a little gift? What was it?
My minds a blank right now.  I think it may be time for me to give someone a surprise gift.  I'll have to think on this.

7. Share a favorite quote, saying, song lyric or scripture relating to gratitude.
I googled for an answer for this and found the below quote and really like it.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I do not like this cold!  lol


  1. I'm hoping the weather calms down a bit, and doesn't carry on like this until April. It's frigid here, but at least we don't have the snow. Right now : ) So glad you'll have both girls home. I'm excited for that too.

  2. Happy for you to have both girls home for Christmas...we will be missing some this year...I am with you on 4 and 5! Enjoy your day!

  3. brrr...it is mighty cold!

    I didn't realize it, but I guess I take my siblings for granted.
    They take care of my mom as much as they can, with her being in a nursing home.
    They live closer to her, with me living in a different state. I guess I expect them to watch after her care.
    I really should thank them for everything they do. Thank you for opening my eyes to that.

    I love your background! Enjoy your girls and have a Merry Christmas!

  4. How wonderful that your girls will be home for Christmas! That's definitely reason to rejoice!

  5. Another great quote! It's too easy for us to take for granted the ones closest to us. How sweet that you did a tribute post :). Have a great week!

  6. Isn't it a blessing to have the family together at Christmas. It's been a while since that has happened in our family and I miss it greatly. I enjoyed reading the answers to your Hodgepodge, including the one on feminism.

  7. I'm not liking this cold either. Too soon, and the wind is just howling right now. And I think we can agree that 'chocolate' is a favorite color. :)

  8. I am hating this cold too.
    I never can eat spaghetti without flashing it everywhere.

  9. Having both of your girls for Christmas is definitely something to look forward to!
    I like, and agree with, your answer to #4 :)

  10. I don't like the cold either!! Brrrrr!!! I enjoyed your answers! It is another fun Hodgepodge!

  11. Yes it's cold everywhere it seems, but at least no snow for us! I'll take it. I too like to be treated like a woman, open doors, pull out chares, help me with my coat! Thank you.

  12. Sounds like it will be a perfect Christmas, I'm thrilled for you. Nice quote on gratitude!

  13. Wow, I think we are kindred spirits. Love your answer for feminists. I love being the weaker vessel. Sad that women do not realize what an elevated place that is. BTW, love your blog, I'll be back!


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