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Friday, May 29, 2015

Pictures of My Week Volume 1

Something new I am trying.  I'm sharing some of the pictures from my week in a Friday post. They may be pictures I shared in different social media or they may just come from the photos on my iPhone or iPad. So here are some from this week. They are quite the eclectic mess!

Picture from last night of the beautiful sky over mom and dad's condo

This will be displayed in my house soon.  Painted by my cousin's daughter.

Another that will be in my home soon.  Have always loved this.

Another picture of yesterday's sky. 

Beautiful flowers

Lucy snoozing while we were watching TV.  She loves laying in this recliner but even as tiny as she is, she wants the foot rest up! lol

Early morning hot air balloon

One of my favorite scriptures

Yummy gyro!!


  1. The smallest dogs take up the most space :)

  2. Great pictures. It may only be about 9:19 AM but that picture of the gyro has made me hungry! ;-)


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