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Friday, June 12, 2015

Pictures of My Week Volume 3

Here are some pictures from my week. 


I have a new grand puppy. His name is Oscar and he is a Saint Bernard. Isn't he a cutie?  Can't wait to meet him. 

Kerri and Oscar

This is Kerri, his new mommy. Love this picture. 


This is Oscar's Aunt Lucy taking a close-up. 

Car Wash

I love going through a car was with my hubby. I always get a kiss when everything is soaped up. Makes it all worth while. ; )
Car Wash

Wee, that's about all I have this week in pictures. Hope you have a great weekend. 


  1. Fun. I'll be watching next time y'all go through a car wash. Lol. That darling pup!!!! How cute is he! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The puppy is adorable...i always think of that movie Beethoven when I see a St; Bernard puppy, lol. Soo cute. And as for your car wash shenanigans, lol...sounds fun! Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Oscar is adorable!
    Cute shot of Lucy too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That puppy. ITS SO FLUFFY!!!!!
    I love those dogs - I always love big dogs!

  5. Good afternoon, Kathy~

    The puppies......ADORABLE!!!!! And the car wash.....we do the same thing! ;)