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Monday, October 26, 2015


Today is Day 26 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge with a prompt from Five Minute Friday. The prompt for today is "Whisper."

A whisper was something I could never understand when raising our girls. I could holler at them or talk directly to them and they wouldn't hear what I said. But you let, hubby or I whisper something to each other and they would hear every word. lol I'm telling you they could be in their room and if they heard us talking quietly, they would come out and want to know what was going on. It's like they were tuned in to our soft voices (when we didn't want them to be) and the rest of the time they were definitely tuned out.

I guess if they heard a whisper, they thought it was something they shouldn't know, which, of course, made them want to know it. But then again, if I heard them whispering, I wanted to know what they were up to. So in reality, I guess it goes both ways! haha


  1. I always wondered if a whisper would have been more effective in scolding than raising my voice. Alas, I tend to raise my voice whenever I'm feeling any emotion (good or bad), so I never tried it out. ;-)

  2. Oh if I caught my kids whispering they were either about to do something they shouldn't or they had already done it !lol..


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