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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Here are a few pictures from Christmas week.  I can't even believe I'm showing some of these, but this is my crazy, non-photogenic life.  lol

Hubby and I playing with the selfie stick

Kelli and I playing with the selfie stick

Kelli with hubby's parents

Kelli with her daddy's hand in the background (this girl never takes a bad picture)

My new laptop.  Finally got around to setting it up Sunday evening.

Lucy on Christmas morning in her pink party dress

Here it is from another view.

Kelli and her cousin doing the selfie thing with her camera.  I love this picture so much, so she sent it to me.
As you can see, some of us are photogenic and others...not so much!  But we have fun anyway!  lol


  1. Oh, its just fun to take pictures & capture the memories :)
    I got a new laptop & need to get it all set up - I'm going to use it for pictures only & editing so thats an even bigger adventure putting all my software on it. Good weekend project

  2. Looks like a GREAT week! My Christmas is starting tomorrow!! :) And I really want a selfie stick!!!


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