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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Mom

Today's FMF prompt is:  Mom. Click here if you'd like to participate

I think I'd like to spend my five minutes telling you what a wonderful mom I had. My mom wasn't perfect, but she never failed to love me no matter what. She also loved the Lord and taught us all to love Him too.  She was an awesome cook and a wonderful entertainer of guests. Guests in her home always felt wanted and welcomed. I posted a picture of her and dad on FB and it was so interesting to read the comments from friends and family who talked about visiting and staying in their home and how they always felt so welcome.

My five minutes are up, but I'm not quite finished. Mom passed away almost two years ago and I still miss her. Driving home from work the thought came to me to stop and see them or call, but they are no longer there. I sure miss her but I'm so glad she's not suffering any more and I know where she is and by the grace of God I will see her again one day. Thank you God for my wonderful mom.. I love you mom.



  1. These are beautiful thoughts today about your Mom. I am sure she was a lovely and wonderful woman, one who should be praised and remembered! I understand your thought about picking up the phone and calling your parents...I still do that and my Mom's been gone for 11 years and my dad for 6...I still wish I could go back to their house and walk right in and say "I'm home!", but alas...we all have to wait until heaven to do that again...but then we will be eternally "home"...and enjoying the fellowship of Jesus and all our loved ones forever! What a great homecoming that will be!! Thank you for this wonderful post today about your Mom. We both were blessed to have such great moms.

  2. I cant believe its been 2 years. I feel like it just happened that she left this world. Sending you hugs. I cant imagine how hard Mothers Day is once they are gone.

  3. So many memories that people have of their mothers, I share with memories of my grandmother. My mother worked full time and so did Dad so I guess I just remember more together time with my grandparents. But I am so grateful for them! Grandmother let me help when she hosted gatherings when my school schedule allowed. I think that's why I love to entertain so much. One of the lovelies' favorite memories are all the fun gatherings we had when they were growing up. :)

  4. What a blessing to have had such a wonderful mom and have such good memories to hold on to.

  5. Cathy, this is just lovely. I wish I had memorieslike this!

    #1 at FMF this week.


  6. Cathy, Thank you for sharing a brief glance into your story. What a blessing to have had such a beautiful woman in your life!