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Monday, January 29, 2018

3 Things in January

Saw this on Rebecca Jo's site and she got it from Jana who said we can steal it if we want.  So I did.  You can click on the links in the last sentence to see their posts.

Three foods I hate and refuse to eat
Lima Beans
Brussel Sprouts

Three foods I love and eat more of than I should
Potatoes fixed almost anyway (including chips)
Cookies (if I have them in the house-so I typically do not have them)

Three things chores I avoid until absolutely necessary
Sorting mail
Sweeping the floors
Dusting Furniture

Three chores I always doLaundry
Clean-up the kitchen
Keep my desk at work and home as unpiled as possible

Three wardrobe staples
Dress pants
Tank Tops
Sweaters to wear over tank tops

Three things I don’t spend money on
Music (I usually use Pandora or Youtube)
Books (because I usually get them free for my Kindle or from the library)  However, this could change as I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas

Three things I do spend money onYarn and accessories
Vera Bradley purses

Three TV shows I frequently watch in rerunsThe Doris Day Show (we're watching it on Amazon right now)
Andy Griffith (because my husband loves it)
Star Trek (not the original)

Three movies I love (that might surprise you)
Apollo 13

Three genres I generally don’t readScience Fiction

Three things I’m looking forward to this year
Another vacation to Myrtle Beach
A short trip to the Smoky Mountains
Any other trip we can make to anywhere

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  1. I would be a storm chaser if I could so I love twister!!!
    I love potatoes in every form too.
    Magazines are something I hate spending money on too

    1. I say I wouldn't be a storm chaser, but then last year while in Indiana, we saw a funnel cloud (very small) and chased it down as I was trying to get a picture. Never did get a good one, but it was fun! lol

  2. We watch a lot of the Andy Griffith reruns because my hubby also loves them, I love Twister, never tire of watching it and there's always laundry to be done!! Oh, and I don't buy magazines either!

    1. Twister is a real favorite of hours. We just watched it again a few months ago. And yes, there is always laundry! lol


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