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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thankful Thursday


I am thankful for:

** my puppy that just crawled up in my lap to get and give some loving this morning. She gives so much love and comfort.

** a good report on my annual mammogram and I’m thankful to have it over with for another year.

** the good night of sleep last night

** Some new yarn I bought Tuesday night. Hubby took me to Hobby Lobby after my doctor’s appointment and I found out all their yarn was 30% off. I bought a really pretty and bright variegated yarn that I can’t wait to use. I first need to finish what I’m working on though.

** our Library and the online resources available. I love all the ebooks and audio books I’ve been able to get.

So what are you thankful for this week. Why not join up with Rebecca and tell us in your own post or I love it when you comment here and tell me. You can click the button at the top to link up with Rebecca.

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  1. Sometimes when I get new felt or yarn or whatever I rush through what I'm working on or put it aside and come back to it later because I just can't wait to work with the new stuff. It's like I'm a kid. LOL I'm trying to see the thankful parts of a couple situations right now. It's not easy.

  2. I missed that hobby lobby sale. Probably a good thing.
    I take so much advantage of my library using,ebooks for my kindle.,so awesome
    Yahoooo always for a good mammogram

  3. Praise God for your mammo good report! We will be watching to see what you do with the new yarn! Sounds lovely!! I love my library too. I don't do ebooks,etc, but the real books, but I love them...and they are free! Yay! Good night's sleep is always a good thing. Thankful for your good week!!

  4. Oh I definitely need to start using the library for audio books! I get it about the love we get from a puppy. I still think it would be wonderful to have another puppy, especially now that Tommy and Smokey are big enough to teach him a thing or two. Lol. Have a great weekend, Cathy!


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