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Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Foto Friends

Our House Thursday morning

Those are vultures sitting on an old schoolhouse building next to our post office

Birdseye view of my sister's bird

Mom and Dad's gravestone with new flowers for the summer.

My brother's stone with summery flowers

White fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky from one evening last week

Out on a walk with the dog and heading towards home.

Found this picture on FB.  This is my grandparents on my dad's side with all 14 of their adult children.  I love this picture so much.
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  1. Enjoyed your photos. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Wow, wonderful photos! I love them all. Your home is beautiful and I have a real love of brick houses. They just say home to me though I never lived in one. I envy your sweet porch too.
    I also like the family photo at the end. How wonderful to have a large family. What a blessing that is.

  3. Those are guard vultures! ;-)

    14 kids...wow! Catholic?

  4. What a beautiful big family! My goodness! I can imagine the suppertime conversations around the table in that home...how did they all fit around the table? Amazing! Love your pretty and neat brick home. It looks very homey and inviting. Those vultures are interesting creatures, aren't they? So nice that you can visit your family graves and put flowers on them. That is very special. Love the blue skies and puffy clouds. Is it spring yet at your house? I don't see any snow! Have a blessed and glorious weekend.

  5. Wonderful collection of photos. The family ones are always the best to me. Love you found the old one - what a find!

  6. The weather is lovely where you are. I see it was a week of visiting loved ones who have gone home ahead. It is nice to remember our loved ones when they are no longer here with us. I like the photo of your sister's bird. It is a very pretty one. Does it talk?

  7. Great photos but I especially like your old family one.


  8. Loved seeing fotos of where you live... what a lovely home. I've got to decorate my Daddy's grave soon. Hope you've had a great weekend.


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