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Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Fotos

Photos from my week. 

Mama Duck is gone and so are the ducklings and unfortunately I didn’t get to see them. 

Love all these birds at the feeders. We were waiting for the car parade to start where my sister lives. 

Lined up for the parade.  (in front of us)
Lined up behind us (I heard there were 60 cars involved)

Sign for my sister.

We took my mother-in-law on Monday to decorate for my father-in-law's grave 
Our front porch
Love these flowers and my hummingbird feeder

My husband's grandfather

Hope you enjoyed these pictures from my week.



  1. I love your front porch, Cathy! So welcoming! I've seen these car parades on television. How fun to actually participate in one and bring a bit of light to your sister and others.

    1. Thank you Myra! The car parade really was so fun for us and for the residents.

  2. I love your front porch and your hanging baskets!

  3. Oh how lovely! Love your flowers and the birds and the parade! Was that for your sister's birthday? What a wonderful idea!! Your front porch is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing all the lovely ways you participated in Memorial Day. I love that you decorate the graves of your loved ones. That is very special. Have a blessed weekend.


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