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Friday, October 30, 2009

Strange Feelings

Can you believe it?

This sweet little 5 year old is now

this beautiful 18 year old!

It feels kind of weird being the parent to an adult? How did this happen? I mean it was just yesterday she was 5 and heading off to pre-school! Where did my little girl go? And what in the world am I supposed to do with this adult that is now in her place?

What do I do now? How do I let her be an "adult"? I mean, sometimes I'm not even sure I know how to be an adult! lol It's a little tough letting them grow up and make their own decisions and learn their own lessons. But if she can do it, then I guess I can learn new things too and let her go, at least a little bit.

Last night her dad and I took Kelli and her boyfriend, Brian and Kerri too, out to dinner at "Olive Garden." This was Kelli's choice. It's one of her favorite restaurants.

Kerri and Kelli

Kelli and Brian (Hey! I must be learning a little. At least we let her date now!)

Another picture of Brian and Kelli

Here they are in Kroger trying to pick out a cake. (Do you know how hard it was for me not to tell him to take his hand off her!?! I mean, you that's my little girl there mister! lol)

Here she is with her cake. I know it's not a very good picture of the cake, but it's good of Kelli.

So here are Happy Birthday Wishes to our beautiful 18 year old!! We love you Kelli!!!


  1. Oh mama... you makin me cry... Happy Birthday Kel....

  2. Yeah...that right there makes me want to have like 5 more babies...I am soo sad to see them get big..boo hoo..but congrats to her, She is a beautiful young lady!

  3. Its not always easy being parents to an adult but sometimes it is truely wonderful. happy birthday.

  4. happy birthday to your girl!!

    I know exactly how you feel!! No one told us about this stage when we were having them!!

  5. I posted about the years just flying by too. Thank Goodness mine are not teenagers just yet...That way I can read your blog and learn from you. :) Happy Birthday Kelli I hope you have a blessed year.
    She is beautiful.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to Kelli...she's a beautiful young lady!

    I know how hard it is to let them go. My son is 27 and married now (for the past 6 years)... since he is my only child, it was soooooo hard to lose him. But my DIL is a dear and part of the family, and he is part of her family in a big way, so I am very happy for them both.

    Hope you guys had a fun Halloween!

  7. Oh, happy birthday K1! =0)

    And yea, it's gonna be hard for me to watch some guy be affectionate with my daughter. I better LOVE him! I've already had two hit that 18 year mark, already watched them hold girls hands or ...sadly... more and had to say "BACK OFF, BOY!" Even with me right there, they push those limits. Give me lots of gray hairs in the process, too! Hmmph.

    I will survive though --- and so will you. =0)

  8. Such sweet pictures! Happy birthday Kelli.

    Does it really go by so quickly??? I don't want my little girl to that old!


  9. Happy Birthday girl!!!!

    I can not imagine how I will be when Kyle turns 18...{{tear}}

    I don't even want to think of where I would have put his hand if it was on my daughters back...whew...I bet you were doing alot of praying!

  10. Happy Birthday Kelli..it does not seem possible that you have grown up this fast!

  11. So sweet! I don't want mine to grow up! Wish i could stop the clock where it is right now!


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