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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Pictures from Our Trip

Here are a few more pictures from our Disney Vacation.

One of my most favorite rides at EPCOT

Kerri with Dory.  I love Dory (and Kerri too)

Sunset just outside Disney Hollywood Studios

This picture of Woody and Jessie crack me up.  It looks to me like someone must have passed some gas and they're holding their noses.  hahaha

Evening photo of the Castle

Halloween Decorations (this was late August or early September)

Hope you enjoyed another little peak into our Disney trip.


  1. I could look at Disney pictures EVERY DAY :)

    I want that wreath for MY house :)

  2. I love looking at Disney pictures!

    The one of Kerri in front of Dory reminds me of the picture I took of my 2 oldest grandkids in front of her 3 years ago (and am hoping that we'll go to Disney next year so I can get a photo of all 4 in front of her).

  3. How fun to go to have a Disney vacation; love the photos. I especially laughed when I read your words on Woody and Jessie; probably true.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Cathy, Again...great pics. You get the most amazing shots of Disney.

  5. Love seeing your Disney pics! I've never been to Disney World - oh, it would be so fun!


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