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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Yesterday was a completely beautiful day around. Sunny and reached around 50. Today, not so much. It's rather grey and cold. At least it's not raining or snowing right now.

Lily's been limping the last couple of days. When she first stands up she limps really bad, but after a few minutes of walking she's a little better. We took her to the Vet yesterday afternoon and he says she has overstretched a ligament in her leg. We now have horse-size anti-inflammatory pills to give her. She's also on an antibiotic now for a different problem. He says she should be a lot better by Monday. If not, we'll be taking her back for some X-rays. Fortunately, she's not too hard to give pills to. We just put them in a little peanut butter or yogurt and right down they go.

Good News on Lily is that he says she's in really good shape for her age (she's 11). In fact he says, she's in really good shape for a 7 year old. So glad to hear that cause I'm sure not ready to lose her anytime soon.

Just mailed off Valentine Care Packages to my girls. Can't say any more about that as they sometimes read here.

No big plans yet for the weekend but who knows what we'll get into before it's over. Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Our Lily did the same thing this summer as she chased the pool sweep around the pool! Those pills are HUGE, but she is a good pill taker too!

    I don't have my kids packages done yet, but hope to by tomorrow! I may have to express mail them :/

  2. We've had similar weeks...my dog is 11, we've been to the vet, and I sent packages to my girls too : ) We do however, have snow. Plenty of it too. Have a great weekend!


  3. Funny thing - - - this time of year I'd say 50 degrees and sun was BAD weather and that snow and freezing temps was GOOD weather.


  4. I understand about your Lily. We lost our dog last fall she was 12 her name was Tia. It was very hard! Prayers for your Lily's health to you!

    We now have two puppies, I know we are crazy! It is seriously like having twin kids all over again!!

    It was beautiful yesterday in mid Ohio today it was also gloomy and cold! Luckily we are not getting the snow that the north east is getting!

  5. Must be nice to take pills so easily! Glad things are looking up. If it weren't so darn windy, it would've actually been a nice-weather day. Oh well, Spring is close!

  6. Hope Lily is doing better when she goes back next week.

    Did you all get any of that snow that the northeast got? We didn't. :-(

  7. My daughters dog just had the same problem. Hope your Lily feels better soon. Good reminder, I need to get my valentines packages in the mail tomorrow!


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