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Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Actually, the weekend is not over yet, but everyone else in the house is still in bed, so I thought I'd post something on the first 3 days of this 4 day weekend.  (By the end of this, everyone is up and it's gonna be a great day!  Just hung the flag out on the front porch.)

On Friday afternoon we took Kelli to the airport so she could head out to Wyoming for her Internship for the summer.  If you click HERE, you can see her blog post about her first 3 days.  Although, we miss her here, I believe this is really going to be an awesome experience for her.

Kelli and her Daddy

Kelli and me

Kelli and Carina...let me tell you, these 2 are surely gonna miss each other.  Carina keeps crawling to her door and knocking on it trying to find Kelli.  It is so stinking cute!
 Then Friday evening hubby and I went to "Outback" for dinner.  Kelli had given me a gift certificate for Mother's Day.  Hubby and I had an awesome prime rib dinner.  Yummy!

Saturday, hubby and I took about a 4 hour drive and went to Amish Country.  We had a lovely lunch there and then did some shopping.  I think my favorite part was on the way back home, we drove back roads (getting out of the touristy areas) and saw a lot of Amish homes, buggies and Amish teens riding bikes, men working in the fields and just beautiful country.

Below are a few of the pictures that were taken.  We try to be very respectful and discreet when taking photos as they do not wish to have pictures taken of their faces.

This is a window at Heini's Cheese Factory.  Of course, while we were there was bought a bunch of cheese.  Yum!

An Amish garage sale...who knew!  I don't know if the person having the sale was Amish, but there was a buggy parked there and these Amish people shopping. I guess, we all like a good sale!

I cannot tell you how many of these girls we saw out riding.  Most of them were dressed in this same color.  There were also a bunch of boys and they were dressed in yellow shirts.  Not sure what that was about.

I love seeing laundry hanging out and Saturday was certainly a beautiful day for it.

Beautiful farm

Another gorgeous farm. We are sitting in the parking lot of a small store and bakery.  I bought a beautiful hanging basket of flowers here.

Working hard in the field.

More field work

And yet another field worker
 On Sunday we had 2 wonderful church services and went to lunch at Panera Bread with Tracy's parents and then we did grocery shopping and I bought 3 hanging baskets for the front porch.  I was going to get Boston Ferns, but they were sold out.  So instead I bought Asparagus Ferns.  They are different but really pretty.  So let's see if I can keep them alive this summer.  haha

So that's pretty much my weekend so far.  I am certainly looking forward to today.  Plans are to grill out hamburgers and just hang around the house.  So far, I've done this post and I'm on my 2nd load of laundry.  Hoping to get out and enjoy the rockers on the front porch and do some reading.  It looks like a beautiful, sunshiny, cool day!

Happy Memorial Day and a big thank you to all the soldiers past and present who have made it so we can enjoy life in a free country.

(I just realized this is post 1,002 for me.  Yay!)


  1. I know your going to miss her. ((HUGS)) How cute of Carina to go to her room looking for her. Sounds like a great weekend so far and I love the pictures from the Amish Country. Enjoy your Memorial Day!

  2. I'm glad I could supply some prime rib for you! You deserve it :) I already miss everyone and esp Carina. lol. She really is the most adorable thing in this world. Your trip to Amish Country looks awesome :) I'm glad you had a great time! And I read a whole book yesterday out on the back porch here. It was sunny, breezy, and the mountains were my backdrop. It was pretty awesome.

  3. My daughters name is Kelly too! And I have always wanted to go to the Amish Country. How cool! sandie

  4. I love those photos from Amish Country ... looks like you had a wonderful time. I'll be praying for Kelli and her internship - and for you, too. ;-)

  5. Great photos. Looks like a perfect day. Hope your Kelli has a good experience out west.


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