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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cutie and Beauty

Colton came to church Sunday night to see Gigi and Papaw.  It had been 2 weeks since we saw them.

After church we went to eat and Colton was just talking and carrying on.  It was so funny.  We got him that little Tigger while we were gone and he seems to really love it.

After mommy took him home, evidently he still wasn't done talking.  He just makes me laugh.  I'm not sure he's not sassing his mom in this one.

And even after his bath, he was still going strong.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this little boy!

Monday after work Kerri met us and she and I went to see Beauty and the Beast.  I really enjoyed the movie, but mostly I enjoyed spending time with Kerri.

So that was my Sunday and Monday.  Good times.



  1. ahh - you're such a mom - so cute!
    Glad you got to make it to see it! Going during the week is probably the smartest move!

  2. Can't wait for a little grandboy to spoil around here : ) I still haven't seen the movie, maybe this weekend. Most people seem to have liked it.

  3. What a blessing, he is just adorable.


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