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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I'm joining in with Thankful Thursday.  Click here if you'd like to participate too.

Things I am thankful for this week.

*  I got to see my grandson twice over the past week.  It was so great to see him and hear him say Gigi.  Just lit this grandma's heart up.  I love this little boy.

With his Papaw

In the car traveling to see us the second time.
I've got several pictures here and they are not in order, but I'm going to use them as they are.  I'm so thankful for these people and these times.

 *  Thankful my sister was well enough to be with us on Christmas Eve Day.

*  Time to crochet while out in the car - driving to Indiana to see Colton the first time this week.

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*My brother and his two sons and playing with my sister's new puppy on Christmas Eve Day.

*My sister and her husband and that they opened their house for all of us to come in and have fun together.  They are so awesome.  I'm definitely blessed with wonderful people in my family.

Colton running around.  He'd just taken a bite of banana pudding and seems to be wearing it on his face.  lol

Playing with a new toy and he kept trying to sneak and play with the ceramic snowman behind him. 

what a little dynamo!!
I'm so thankful for my husband's parents.  Again such wonderful people and they were so thrilled to see their one and only great-grandson!
Colton with hubby's parents.
*  I ended up in the emergency room for about 6 hours on Christmas Eve with a viral-gastro-intestinal thing going on.  I'm so thankful they were able to help me and 48 hours I was doing pretty well and now I am almost back to normal. 

God has richly blessed me this week and I am so thankful for all He's done.



  1. OH NO... I am terrified of getting the stomach flu. I had it last year & it left me so fearful of getting it again & its going around like WILDFIRE around here. I just want to hide in my house till Spring!!!!
    Look at that little guy go... no time to slow down on Christmas :)

  2. A good family is indeed a blessing all year long, but especially at Christmas. Your Colton is growing so fast! I can't get over that mop of hair. Ours seems to have inherited his daddy's thin, straight hair and what little he's got so far is often sticking straight out with static. Makes him look like a little dandelion!
    So glad you had a good Christmas and you're feeling better.

  3. That little Colton is just the cutest! He's so happy and isn't that wonderful? I love that my grandbabies are happy babies. I told her the first time she ran into my arms and hugged my neck that she could have that proverbial pony whenever she wanted it. She's up to 5 now. LOL I'm so sorry you were ill! And so glad you're getting back to normal. :) Happy New Year!

  4. So sorry you ended up in the ER. Glad you are better. Other than that it appears that your holiday was fabulous! Happy New Year....


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