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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

One Sentence A Day - March 2018

1.  Another rainy day and I'll sure be glad for some sunshine when it comes.
2.  Brought Chinese home for dinner and just relaxed.
3.  Chilly day but beautiful sunshine so we went and watched the planes coming and going at the airport.
4. Lunch with the in-laws after church...how I love spending time with them.
5. Monday back to work and then pick up groceries at Kroger ClickList, and a walk with the dog and cooking and cleaning up and laundry kind of night.
6. Annual mammogram and all is well...thank you Jesus!
7. It got cooler today so it was a great night to stop and get a hot chocolate on the way to church and it was so yummy and we got it from Speedway!
8.  Started spring cleaning in our bedroom.
9.  Hubby took me to Cracker Barrel for dinner after work and it was so nice not to have to go home and cook.
10. Sent in our DNA Samples...can't wait to see what they say about our heritage.
11.  Time change...ugh!
12.  My sister and I went shopping and I bought this cute lunch bag.
My new lunch bag
13.  Bible study started and we're doing Priscilla Shirer's "Discerning the Voice of God."
14.  After being gone the last two nights sure did enjoy a night at home with a little housework and some TV time with the husband.
15.  Typical work day and evening at home.
16.  Taxes have been completed so hubby and I went and picked them up after work.
17.  Went to a co-worker's father's funeral and then to lunch with my sister and brother-in-law who are always fun to be with.
18.  Church and then lunch with hubby's family...good conversation and just love being with them.
Miss Lucy did not want me to leave for church.
19.  Got up early and took my car to Walmart for new tires and then after work I went to see "I Can Only Imagine" and it was sooooo good.
What a beautiful sunrise and so glad we were up and out early enough to enjoy it.
20. We had a great 2nd week of Bible Study and I feel so blessed to be with these women.
21.  Second day of spring and we woke up to snow on the ground and I'm so over it!  lol
22.  Took my sister to a doctor's appointment and all was well with her and she found some yarn someone was giving away and gave it to me and now I need to decide what to make.

23.  Came home after work and walked a mile with the dog as it was sunshine and blue skies, but chilly.
24.  Met my sister and her husband tried a new restaurant (to hubby and I) and had some great fish and chips.
25.  2 wonderful church services, met another pastor and his wife for the first time (for me, hubby already knew them) and they were so nice.
26.  Regular Oncologist appointment (I have a new doctor now as mine has gone into research) and all is well and I think I'm going to like him.
27.  Work and Bible Study and I certainly love this study...Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer.
28.  Went to bed early this evening because we were getting up really early to head to Chicago area to see Kerri and Colton.
29.  What a wonderful day with Colton and Kerri and Matt.
Oh be still my heart, I love these two so much

Love her too!!!
30.  Took this day off so we could have a 4 day weekend and just relaxed and rested up from the day before.
31.  Went to lunch with hubby at Chuys and then into Barnes and Nobles and bought a new journal and I love it.

So what was your month like?

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  1. What a great post about your month. We are getting a lot of rain as well but since no one has to shovel rain, I'm OK with that. It will help to green up our lawn which is currently brown with piles of frozen snow still stuck to it.

  2. OHHHH - your journal. I love a good new beautiful journal.
    Glad you are liking your new oncologist!
    I cant remember if I've done that study or not ... I love all things Priscilla though!

  3. Great idea! I may try His for April. I've had the lazies with blogging lately.


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