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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tuesday 4 - Dreams

1.   My dream house is?  If I were dreaming big I would love a house on the beach where I could sit out on a balcony or deck and watch the ocean whenever I wanted.  However, in reality I would love to have a small condominium here in my area where someone else took care of the outside and we would take care of the inside and then have a month or two every year to spend at the beach in a condo or hotel room as long as it's right on the beach.

2.   My dream car is? a van...I love having room to take people with us wherever we go, and/or lots of room to take stuff with us when we travel.

3.   My dream vacation is?  See above...obviously beach time and to have both girls and their families with us for part of the time.  

4.   My dream life is?  Retired and living the above dreams.

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  1. Sounds like a Florida dream!!

  2. Lovely dreams! I am in walking distance of beaches and love it.My home is teeny tiny but it is a rood over my head and I am grateful. That's the nicest part of dreaming, you can dream big!!

  3. Gorgeous scenery! Condo/apartment living sure has it's perks. 'Not anxious to move, but keeping up with the yard isn't something I enjoy.

  4. I agree 100%, a house on the beach would be wonderful. Praying your dream comes true!


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