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Friday, July 23, 2021

Photo Scavenger Hunt - UPDATED...I now have them all.

Lily Grace of The Adventures of Lily Grace challenged us to a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I enjoyed doing this as I love to take pictures.  It was a bit of a challenge to find some of these yesterday.  There were a couple that I couldn't find, so I used some photos from my files.  I think I've gotten everything.


Bike - one of our police bikes

Wooden Fence - if you look closely there's another wooden fence in the background

Heart Shape

Flower Pot - this is one on the sidewalks of our city

Fire Hydrant

Delivery Truck

Basketball Hoop

Fun shaped window - this is on the Catholic church in our city


Two Car Garage

Stop Sign

Dog - Lucy not wanting to cooperate for a picture


Feather - kind of a cheat, but this bird is covered in feathers, right?

Cone shaped tree

Pine Cone

Yellow door - it's sort of yellow  lol

Cat - if you look closely, there are 2 cats laying on the swing

I found the following over the weekend.  I think I'm only missing the birdhouse now.

Gnome - Rummage Sale at Church

Little Free Library in one of our town's parks

Garden Hose

Leaf about as big as my hand.
A Bird has made his nest in this ceramic birdhouse

That hangs on this bell post in my sister's yard

I had fun taking these pictures, but I'm still missing a few.  I'm going to watch this weekend and see if I can find them and I'll add them to this post when I do.  Thanks Lily Grace and Pamela for this challenge idea.  (I now have them all)

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Look at the cats... that's the life

    1. Yes, the neighborhood cats do seem to like the swing.

  2. Great job on the scavenger hunt! :)

  3. Good job, Cathy! I love the shadows on the basketball hoop pix.
    I've been thinking about doing this, too ... but got hung up on the yellow door. One thing for sure, Pam and Lily Grace are combining to make me more observant; hope I don't drive off the road. (LOL)

    1. I know what you mean. Fortunately for me, my hubby was driving and he stopped when I asked, plus some I found when walking downtown and in our subdivision yesterday.

  4. OH hey Cathy! You did great! Thank you for playing along! I was really hoping someone would take the challenge!! I know the yellow door could be a challenge for sure, and I managed to find two at the same location! I was surprised! And yes, the Dove definitely has feathers, so I think that counts! Great job! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks. This really was fun and I found a few more over the weekend. I now have all but the birdhouse.

  5. You did a great job finding everything! I hope to try this with Colton before the summer is over. I don't know when it might be, though.

  6. What fun! You did a good job and the photos are great on their own! Thanks for sharing! xo

  7. Yes on the bird with the feathers. I might have to try this. Have a great weekend!

  8. Way to go! You did a great job. I saw that and I guess I didn't understand the challenge. Love all of you photos.

  9. Yay for you and the updates!! Great pictures! YOu did it very well!! I wish others would have tried this, because I think it was a lot of fun!! I love the birdnest in the teapot! I've often wanted to put one of my old teapots (a cracked one) out for that purpose. Now you have inspired me so I may just try it! Thanks for finishing this and showing it CAN be done!!


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