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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thankful Thursday


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Some things I'm thankful for:

**    3 Day Weekend:  I had Monday off and we had such a nice weekend.  We really didn't do much but 3 days off in a row and just being together was a really good thing.

**    2 Baby Showers and a Sprinkle coming up in the next 2 weeks:  My cousin's daughters are expecting.  One with a first baby and the other with her 2nd child.  Then my brother's son and his wife are expecting their first. I'm so happy for them all.

**    My Daughters:  I'm so thankful that they get to spend the next few days together.  I love how strong their bond as sisters is.  I'm also thankful that my youngest and my grandson had safe flights yesterday getting there.  

Stole this from FB, they  were on the Tram from
 the parking lot to the Terminal.

**  I'm thankful for each and every day and for each of you too, and for the 3 ladies who host Thankful Thursday every week.  Their links are at the top of this post.



  1. So thankful for your thankful Thursday post! You always make me stop and think about the things I am thankful for as well. The list is long, but it is good to remember them and give God the glory. So happy your kids were together. I bet they had a good time. And soon you will be having better than 3 day weekends when you retire!! Have a blessed rest of your week.

  2. It always seems like baby showers come all at once, doesnt it - bring on all the babies!

  3. That long weekend was a blessing, for sure! And new babies in the family...how wonderful! Hope you are having a wonderful week, Cathy!

  4. It is always great reading your list of thankfuls! You are right about those long weekend! xo

  5. How nice to have that three day weekend! I know you enjoyed that. I agree totally about the sibling bond...my four sons are really close and there is nothing that brings me joy quite like that, as a mom. I prayed for that every day while they were young and the Lord has been faithful to hear my prayers! Sounds like a good week in my book, my friend. Thanks for joining in with us!


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