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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Again

I had a great time with my daughter and her school mates. It was so fun seeing things and going places I've never been before. The Great Lakes are beautiful. The water was so blue. I thought I'd post a few pictures, but it'll mostly just be scenery shots because I don't want to post the pictures of other people's kids without their permission.

This is a lighthouse at St. Ignace

The main street on Mackinac Island

Lighthouse at Michilimacknac

Mackinac Island - Picture taken from Fort Mackinac

Another picture from up in the Fort looking down at the town and Lake Huron


  1. love all the bikes on main street!! So fun to go there!

  2. wow so beautiful!!!!

    can I copy the light house pic?

    I wanna use it for a powerpoint background for church!

  3. Oh Cathy...I LOVE the last picture!! Beautiful!!

  4. We have wanted to go to this island. Maybe someday we will get there.

    Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Great pics. How was it having no car? I loved Put in Bay and the golf cart. (which you are allowed to have cars-there just were many) The air seemed fresher than the Cincy smog alert everyday.

  6. Well, you're HOME finally! Good to have you back in Blogland! We missed you --- or at least I did.

    Great photo-ops on trips, huh? I'm jealous!

  7. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. I would love to go there some day it looks so peaceful and tranquil.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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