If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thankful Thursday

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I am so thankful this week that our oldest is in Ohio. She is staying mostly with a friend, but we had her Monday evening and will probably have her some this weekend. We had so much fun talking Monday night face to face and not by Marco Polo (which is our normal way to communicate). She is planning her wedding and I'm enjoying getting to talk with her about it and hopefully helping some too. 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Sentence A Day - July 2020

My July one day at a time.

1 - Wednesday.  Work and then church to record Bible Study on FB Live

2 - Thursday.  Went to Kohl's and Walmart with my sister after work to pick up some stuff for Colton coming next week.

3 - Friday.  Relaxing evening at home with hubby.

4 - Saturday.  We participated in a parade at my sister's residential facility and then took a long drive out in the country for a very pleasant and quiet Independence Day.

5 - Sunday.  We had our first Sunday evening service at church live.

6 - Monday.  Work and then picked up Lucy and took her to vet to get her teeth cleaned the next day (they keep them overnight the night before so they don't eat.

7 - Tuesday.  Worked until noon and then Tracy and I and his mama went to the airport to pick up Kerri and Colton who will be in Ohio for the next 2 weeks.

On the tram heading to see Gigi and Papaw

8 - Wednesday.  Hubby was going to take me to pick up some lunch but the van wouldn't start so mechanic came and said we need a new battery which he installed after work.

9 - Thursday.  Had fun playing with Colton at the house.
"Gigi will you play Play-dough with me?"

10 - Friday.  We took Colton to Chucky Cheese and he had a blast playing the games.

11 - Saturday.  My first trip into an Ulta store and I actually bought some make-up stuff. lol

12 - Sunday.  Hubby and I kept Colton all day and took him to church and played and he wore me out.  lol

13 - Monday.  Kerri and Colton and I went shopping and out to lunch.  

14 - Tuesday.  Went to work and then home and relaxed with hubby for the evening as Kerri and Colton are with friends for a few days.

15 - Wednesday.  Completed this washcloth this evening.

16 - Thursday. Didn't write anything down, but I'm sure it was work and an evening at home.

17 - Friday.  Tried samples of ColorStreet Nails and I think I'm really going to love them.

18 - Saturday.  Waited to long to write for this day and I can't remember what we did.

19 - Sunday.  2 Church services today and I'm so glad to be with all (of course with masks & social distancing)

20 - Monday.  Work and then out to dinner and playtime with Colton this evening and also came home to a house with no air conditioning.

21 - Tuesday.  Kerri and Colton headed back to Texas but we squeaked every minute out of the day that we could to be together.

22 - Wednesday.  Air Conditioner was repaired, thank you God!

23 - Thursday.  Man is the house ever quiet after our grandson went home.

24 - Friday.  Can't remember other than I know I worked.

25 - Saturday.  Lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then a trip to Walmart and an evening at home.

26 - Sunday  Church and picked up lunch and went home for the afternoon and back to church for evening service.

27 - Monday.  Work and evening at home and got some cuddles with this little one.

28 - Tuesday.  Hubby put a beef roast in the slow cooker before work and it was delicious when we got home and added noodles, plus leftovers for lunch on Wednesday.

29 - Wednesday.  Work and then to church for live FB of a Bible Study on Paul.

30 - Thursday.  Spent some time crocheting on this new blanket I've started.

31 - Friday.  My father-in-law's first birthday in heaven so hubby and I got pizza and spent the evening with my mother-in-law.  


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Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Photos

Here are a couple recent photos from my phone.

Here are a few pictures of sunset last Wednesday or Thursday

I wish my phone would show just how bright that orange color was.

Lazing with mommy.  Lucy is such a blessing.  She loves me know matter what kind of mood I may be in.  Reminds me of how God loves me and makes me want to love others like that.

Love the raindrops.

New waffle stitch blanket I've started.  I really need to try a plain colored yarn with this stitch.  I think it would show off the waffle look better.  But this was some free yarn given to me and I'm trying to make myself use the yarn I have before buying more.  lol