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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Share 4 Somethings

I know I haven't been around much since mid September.  We've had a lot going on.  I'm going to attempt to participate today in the Share 4 Somethings hosted by Jennifer.    Today, we are sharing something we loved, learned, read, ate and/or enjoyed this month.

Loved:  Going to my great nephew's birthday celebration last night.  He's 2 years old and such a cutie.  

I stole this photo from his mom's FB

This is the daddy, my nephew at the party
 last night. He's playing my grandpa's guitar. 
What a special time.  He is so good and I'm
so glad he has this guitar.  Grandpa lost four
 of his fingers in a farming accident and
was unable to play it any more.  He then
 gave it to my mom and as an adult with 5 kids,
 she took lessons and learned to play it and
now her grandson has it and loves it.

Learned:  I realized again how much I love my family.  Our younger sister, Karen passed away on October 6th.  That now leaves just 3 of us.  And we've been together quite a bit in the last few weeks.  First, it was with Karen in the hospital for 5 days and then she had a procedure done and her heart stopped and she really never gained consciousness again.  She was air-cared to a trauma hospital and still never came back.  Eventually, she was taken to hospice and passed while there.  While I appreciate the time we had to sit and talk with Karen, it surely did not go the way we had hoped.  After transfer and then on to hospice, my sister (and her husband) and I spent a lot of hours together going back and forth to the hospital and our brother was there some too.  He doesn't handle that stuff too well, but we definitely talked a lot on the phone.  Just being together, and having to do so many things to take care of Karen's stuff, I feel like we've all gotten closer than ever.  It's so easy to let being together move to the back burner.  I hope we never do that again.

This is the 4 of us with my dad, at the luncheon after
 our mom's memorial service in 2015.  Our older
brother passed away in 2014. And we lost dad about 6
months after this photo. Karen is right behind dad.

Read:  I read 3 books in October and currently am listening to an audio book.  If you look in the right side-bar, you can see the books I've read.  

Enjoyed:  While looking through photos to find some of Karen for her slide show (Karen was always the one behind the camera, so it has been a little difficult to find more current pictures of her), it was fun to look back at some of our old family photos.

Karen's senior photo.

This I believe is a charcoal drawing of the nephew in the photo above
playing the guitar.  Karen drew this,  She had so much talent before
she had a stroke in 2016.

This is a print of a painting Karen did.  I love this so much. 
She had this also made into a Christmas card one year and it was
 also used in a Catholic magazine along with a story about St. Nicholas.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.