If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thankful Thursday

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Things I am thankful for:

Hospital:  Sounds like a weird thing to be thankful for, but I'm glad we have a hospital within 20 minutes of us.  While we don't personally use this hospital, hubby's parents and my sister do.  So taking my sister to the doctor (inside the hospital) this morning was a very easy task.  Things are looking pretty good for her right now.

 On Friday evening my father-in-law was taken to the emergency room as his blood counts were very low and they wanted him to have some blood.  They then admitted him for some tests, etc and held him until Sunday.  They are suspecting his bone marrow has quit making blood cells.  Fortunately he is home and doing pretty well right now.  Prayers for him would be greatly appreciated and also his wife who is his caretaker.  Very hard on her and my hubby and his brother having to make decisions for their father and husband.

Anyway, we spent a lot of time here this weekend.  Everyone was very nice and I'm thankful for each one that worked with him.

Funny thing while we were there, I ran into a former co-worker that retired last year.  I saw on FB that he was in the hospital and expected to be there all weekend.  I left a note on FB that I was in the hospital right now visiting.  His wife commented and gave the room number and he was just down the hall 4 rooms, so I stopped in and visited for a few minutes.

Hubby also ran into a lady that he went to college with over 30 years ago.  Her mom was a patient.  They hadn't seen each other since school.  They enjoyed visiting together for a bit.

Small world isn't it?

Beautiful Evening Skies:  The other evening Lucy and I went out for a walk and the sky was just so beautiful.  Loved how it was so yellow.  Thank you God.  Skies are one of my most favorite things you created for us.  I just feel like you show off so much how creative you are with them.

Colton:  I am just so totally thankful for this little guy.  He's up bright and early and totally enjoying and devouring a donut!  Look at the laughing face!

So, what are you thankful for right now.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme

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Art Imagination

1.   If you could paint a landscape what would it be?
Something like this 
2.   If you could paint a portrait who would it be?
This fella
3.   If you could paint a geometrical form what would it be?
4.   If you could paint any object what would it be?
I would love to paint the castle
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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thankful Thursday

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Things I'm thankful for.

Eye Exams:  Hubby had his annual eye exam on Wednesday and all was very good.  Very little change in his eyesight and still only needs readers. 

Answered Prayers:  My friend had surgery yesterday and God so answered prayers and everything went well and the worst didn't happen.  Praising God today!

Lucy:  This little one turned 6 last Saturday.  We're not sure of her exact birth date, but chose August 17th to be the day.  I can hardly believe we've had her for almost 6 years.  Her gotcha day is December 20th, 2013.

Here she is on Gotcha Day

And this is her after her last grooming.
She really doesn't even look like the same dog, but we love her so much and she brings so much joy and laughter to our life.

There are so many more things I'm thankful for, but I'll catch some of them next time.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday Medley

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Everything below this line is from the National Day Calendar Website.

National Ride the Wind Day August 23


Enjoy the last days of summer and the warm summer breezes on August 23 as you celebrate the annual National Ride the Wind Day.
National Ride The Wind Day commemorates the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer prize.
It was on August 23rd of 1977 that the Gossamer Condor 2,  flew the first figure-eight course specified by the Royal Aeronautical Society, at Minter Field in Shafter, California.  Slowly cruising at only 11 mph, it traveled a distance of 2,172 meters.
The Gossamer Condor 2 was built by Dr. Paul B MacCready and piloted by amateur cyclist and hang-glider pilot Bryan Allen.
The Gossamer Condor 2 aircraft is preserved at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
We all know that cooler air is right around the corner so take advantage of these nice days and get outside as much as possible. Test out those human-powered aircraft and make some history. summer breezes allow us to fly human-powered. In the event you lack a human-powered aircraft, flying a kite is always a good back plan.
Everything above this line is from the National Day Calendar.
Below are Terri's questions and my answers.
1.  Tell us about the first airplane ride you took and do you like to fly? My first flight was from Ohio to Atlanta and then to Miami.  We were taking a cruise to the Virgin Islands.  I can't say I like to fly, but I will if needed.  Mostly we just drive to where we are going and really love that.
2.  Have you ever gone hang gliding and was it on the beach with boat power, or from a mountain with only the wind and your body?  No, I have never gone hang gliding - but I love watching others do it.  I think it's so cool, but I am definitely not brave enough to do it myself.
3.  Have you ever gone kite flying and with whom? I remember flying kites as a kid some and then helping our girls fly kites.  
4.  Experimental aircraft is quite popular as a hobby where Terri lives.  Have you or anyone you know ever constructed a flying machine and did you ride in it? I personally don't know anyone that has made as flying machine and see number 2, I'd never be brave enough to ride with them.  However, we do have people in our area who do paragliding and I've photographed them.  Love watching.

We also have a lot of hot air balloons in our area.  Love to watch that too and I might possibly be brave enough to try that.

5.  Another big hobby around Lakeland is Radio Controlled Airplanes.  Have you ever seen them flying or tried your hand at it?  I have seen them flying and think they are so cool.  My brother-in-law builds them and flies them.  I understand he's really good, but I haven't seen him fly them yet.
6.  Please tell us something about your week.Nothing special so far this week.  Just work and time at home in the evening for chores and crocheting and binge watching Stranger Things.  Let me tell you, the name is very fitting!  lol

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are having a great week.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme

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1.   Where is your favorite place to be?

With my family at home or the beach.

2.   Where is your least favorite place to be?

Doctor's Office or even worse the hospital.

3.   What was the last thing that really made you laugh?

My grandson - sometimes he is so hysterical with the things he says and does.

4.   Are you a social person?

No, I'm not particularly social.  However, if in a group and someone else will start things, I can usually go along and participate and have fun!  But I'd really prefer to be home with my hubby and/or other family members.

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Monday, August 19, 2019


I am...

Reading:  "Help Me, Hold Me" fiction by Barbara Gee

Listening to:  Pandora - Southern Gospel Music

Loving:  Hubby just texted and asked if I wanted to go to Panda Express for supper instead of cooking.  Uh...Yes!!!!

Thinking:  I can't wait until next month when both girls and my grandson will be home for a few days and we get to go to my nephew's wedding!

Feeling:  Blessed

Celebrating:  Another day on this side of the dirt!

Grateful for:
  My wonderful husband

Weather:  Beautiful through my window, but extremely hot and humid outside!

Enjoying:  My crochet projects.

A quote I want to share:  

I love that He is my God forever and that he will guide me all the way!


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thankful Thursday

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I am thankful for:

     *our Bible study at church last night.  We have a thing called "Ask the Pastor", where we write down our questions and give them to him and then he studies them and answers our questions on Wednesday nights.  Everyone seems to enjoy this time so much and last night was especially good (because he answered one of my questions). 😊  But really, it is just so interesting and fun to learn and understand God's Word.

     *time to read.  I've enjoyed some time reading and am currently reading a book called Neda Phrend by Jean L. Kuhnke.  My sister told me about her and how much she loves her books.  So I got one and it started a little slow to me, but now I'm really enjoying it.  Hoping I get some time to read it today.

     *the night sky.  I've been taking the dog out after dark and the sky has been so pretty.  Last night on the way home the moon was hanging lot and was so bright.  I took a picture, but it never does it justice.  But I'll show it anyway.  The sky and the ocean are such wonders to me and always make me think of God.

     *this little goober.  I love my grandson and his goofiness.

So what are you thankful for? Do tell!


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wednesday Medley

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1.  I'm sure many kids today have no idea what V-J Day is all about.  Did you have a loved one who fought in WWII?
I believe 2 of my uncles were in the service during the war, but I’ve never heard any of their stories.  I wish now I had asked them.

2.  The iconic sculpture from the famous photograph of  "The Unconditional Surrender" has been defaced recently because of the #metoo movement. I know we can get very political about this subject, but just keeping it in the spirit for which it was created, what are your thoughts?
I think that statue is so cool and I really hate to see that it’s been defaced.  I have no comment I wish to make here about this movement.

3.  Terri's grandson, Tristan, loved playing a game called "Axis & Allies".  It was quite complicated, took up the entire dining room table, and was not something Terri wanted to play (Grandpa understood it and played though).  Can you name three Axis countries and five of the many Allies (okay to look it up!)?
Never heard of that game and I don’t know the answer right off the top of my head, I had to look it up.  Here’s the answer I found “World War II (1939–1945) Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria) versus Allies (U.S., Britain, France, USSR, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia).

4.  Terri was surprised to learn that most historians agree that WWII began when Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Others say it started when Japan invaded Manchuria on September 18, 1931. And some scholars suggest WWII is actually a continuation of WWI, with a break in between.  Have you ever visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii or any other WWII memorials around the world?
I was privileged to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington DC as a chaperone on a school trip with my oldest daughter. 

5.  Calvin Graham was only 12 years old during WWII when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He won a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart before the Navy found out how old he was.  (God bless him.) Terri doesn't know any 12-year olds today who could qualify or get away with something like that.  Times are so very different now but (in the US) we do have ROTC in high schools.  Do you know anyone who started in ROTC and went on to enlist in one of the services?
Yes, the daughter of  one of my friends is currently in boot camp after being involved in ROTC in high school.

6.  Please tell us something about your week so far.
It’s been a good week.  Church Sunday, and work on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday too.  It’s been really nice to have time at home to relax in the evening (even in the midst of doing laundry).  I’m enjoying working on a crochet blanket I’m making for my hubby.  Plans are for it to be approximately 8’x8” when completed.  Currently it’s about 8’x1'.  Obviously, I’ve got a long way to go!  lol

The first picture is the truer color.

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