If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'll Be Gone For Awhile

We are doing a Forty Days of Focus at our local church and then corporately across the whole Church of God movement. We are being encouraged to fast (in whichever way we feel God is leading) and then we have a reading that encourages us to focus each day on prayer and moving closer to God. We are specifically praying that 10,000 souls will be saved during this 40 days.

I have chosen to fast from all social media during the next 40 days. Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time here and on FB and not enough time with God. I believe taking the next 40 days and spending extra time with God will help me grow closer to Him. I've spent a couple weeks wrestling with this decision because I hate to leave here that long, but I really feel this is God's leading and I'm going to be obedient.

I will fulfill my obligations to the publishing companies I review for and do the reviews I've committed to, but otherwise I won't be back here until Easter weekend. If you need me for any reason, you can e-mail me at tckk1957 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

See you in 40 days.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge and Photo-a-Day Challenge - Day 22 "where you work"

1. February 22nd is National Be Humble Day...what makes you proud? What keeps you humble?
My family makes me proud and keeps me humble.

2. Where is the catch-all (aka dumping ground) in your house? 
 The Kitchen Counter

3. Do you make it a point to visit State/National Parks when you travel or even in your own hometown? What's your favorite?
Sometimes we do.  My favorite is the Smoky Mountain National Park.

4. How would you define honor?
maybe integrity?

5. Angel's food or Devil's food-which cake do you prefer?
I like both, but prefer Devil's food (duh?? chocolate)

6. What's the most recent road trip you've taken? Where did you go and how many hours did you spend in the car? Do you like to zoom to your destination without stopping or leisurely wind your way there with stops along the way? What is your car snack of choice?
We went to Indiana on Saturday and Kentucky on Monday.  Just short leisurely road trips.  No snacks in the car right now as we are dieting.  But trail mix is a favorite. 

7. Recent headlines told how a preschool child in NC had their packed lunch from home taken away and a school lunch substituted by a school inspector who deemed the homemade lunch unhealthy. Reportedly the parent was then billed for the school lunch (chicken nugget meal) although an update to the story says the parent was not billed. The inspector was conducting a routine inspection of the classroom-he/she was not there solely to peek in the lunchboxes. The packed lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple juice box, a bag of chips, and a banana. You can read the story here. Your thoughts?
I think the government sticks there hands in where they don't belong sometimes.  But I really don't know enough about this situation to comment too much.  But come on...chicken nuggets are healthier than a turkey and cheese sandwich...I don't think so!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
 I'll use this to do the Photo Challenge I'm participating in.  Today's prompt is "where you work"
I've worked in this building for the past 35 years. My office is the window just to the right of the door. Oh and I have to be honest, I didn't take this picture.  I got it at work.  It's actually from a few years ago.  See, there I go, cheating again.  haha

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 21 "a fave photo of you"

The prompt for day 21 is "a fave photo of you".

I love this picture of the girls and I at Downtown Disney from almost 8 years ago.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 20 "handwriting"

The prompt for today is "handwriting". Now, I have to admit I mostly print, and rarely do cursive. However here's a list I was working on yesterday of the names of the women who are planning to attend our Bible study starting in a couple of weeks. As you can see I did some cursive and some printing. Wow! What a mess. But remember, this was just a quick list so I could figure out how many study guides to order.

I have to say I can't wait to start our Bible Study and get to spend time with all these ladies!  Most I know, but some I don't yet.  In faith, I'm going to order a couple extra books, hoping God will send us some more to study with.  We're going to do Beth Moore's study "To Live Is Christ."

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty for Ashes by Dorothy Love

Book Description

She’s a beautiful young widow. He’s a Southern gentleman with a thirst for adventure. Both need a place to call home.

After losing her husband in the Civil War, Carrie Daly is scared she will never have the family she longs for. Eligible bachelors are scarce in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, but Carrie Daly has found love. Not the weak-in-the-knees kind, but something practical. Still, she isn't quite ready to set a wedding date with Nate Chastain.

Griff Rutledge is a former member of Charleston society, but has been estranged from his family for years. He’s determined to remain unattached, never settling in one place for too long. But when asked to train a Thoroughbred for an upcoming race in Hickory Ridge, he decides to stay awhile.

Despite objections from the townsfolk, and her fear that true happiness has eluded her, Carrie is drawn to Griff's kindness and charm. It will take a leap of faith for them to open their hearts and claim God's promise to trade beauty for ashes.

My Thoughts
Living in the depression after the Civil War must have been so terrible.  This book shows how it affected the people of the small town of Hickory Ridge.  They had almost nothing, but still found ways to be happy and they were always there to help each other.  That's probably some of my favorite parts of this book.  The heroine, Carrie Daly, was a woman with dreams, but no money.  However, she did the best she could with what she had.  She also learned that sometimes you have to lay down your pride and accept help from others.  Griff Rutledge, the male lead, reminds me a little of Rhett Butler.  This is a really good book about a tough time in our country's history.  Hope if you read it, you enjoy it as much as I did.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this ebook free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 18 "drink" and Day 19 "something you hate to do"

I keep running behind on the Photo a Day Challenge. This will catch me up again. Let's see if maybe I can stay caught up now. lol

Day 18 is "drink"

Hot Chocolate is a favorite winter drink of mine.

Day 19 is "something you hate to do"

I detest emptying the dishwasher.  I would much rather wash the dishes in the sink than to load and unload the dishwasher!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 17 "time"

The Photo a Day Challenge prompt for day 17 is "time" and here is my picture for the 17th. 23 years ago today (February 18) at 2:30 in the afternoon, hubby and I got married and that was a long "time" ago. lol

See how happy we were and guess what all this "time" later we still are very happy!
I'll try to post the picture for today later.  We're heading out now to go have ourselves an adventure on our 23rd anniversary!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 16 "something new"

Day 16 prompt is "something new" and yes I know I'm behind a day. I couldn't think of anything for that except this.

The new Disney Vacation Planning DVD that just came in the mail this week.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge and Day 15 of Photo A Day Challenge

1. George Washington-Abraham Lincoln-Thomas Jefferson...who would you most like to meet and why?
Abraham Lincoln - I believe he's one of our best presidents.

2. What's your favorite chain restaurant?

3. I spied this question on the Bears at Home blog last week and she gave me permission to steal borrow it-

When you look back on your life, do you imagine you'll think about the goals you failed to meet with regret? Or will you look at what you accomplished and say: it was good?
I'll be pleased with what I accomplished and regret what I didn't.  Won't everyone?

4. Grapefruit-take 'em or leave 'em? Given the choice between an orange and a grapefruit which would you choose? Would you prefer it served as is or squeezed into juice?
I hate grapefruit  An orange (I love oranges).  Served as is, cut in sections or sliced in half.

5. When was the last time you cleaned out a closet? Is there a closet in your home that currently needs cleaning? What are you waiting for?
Last spring I cleaned out my closet and I have several that need to be cleaned out.  I'm waiting on the spirit to move me I guess.

6. You get to have lunch with three famous people...who would you like to see round your table?
Beth Moore, Patsy Clairmont, Reba McIntyre

7. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your ability to parallel park?
 I don't know since I've rarely done it since I passed my driving test about 37 years ago.  If I can't pull in, I drive around the block until I can.  Or park somewhere else.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Today's prompt for the Photo A Day Challenge is "phone"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo-a-Day Challenge - Day 14 "heart"

Today's prompt is "heart". What could be better for Valentine's Day or as my oldest daughter calls it "Single Awareness Day".

This is a favorite picture of my youngest daughter from a few years ago at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 13 "blue"

For today's challenge it is "blue". I took this picture at work the other day. The sky was such a beautiful blue and I couldn't resist.

I love the American flag!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 12 "inside your closet"

Today's prompt is "inside your closet". Do you really think I'm gonna show you the inside of my closet?  But I'm determined to complete this whole photo challenge so here's all you get to see.  Just a small corner.  It's the neatest part of the closet, so that should tell you what the rest looks like.  haha

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 11 "makes you happy"

The prompt for today's photo challenge is "makes you happy". A lot of things make me happy but family probably makes me the happiest. This is my side of the family at Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 10 "self portrait"

The Photo A Day Challenge prompt for today is "self portrait".

I really hate pictures if myself most of the time. That is why I stand behind the camera. lol Anyway, here goes.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 9 "front door"

The prompt today for the Photo A Day Challenge is "front door". Here is a picture of mine.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge and Day 8 of Photo a Day Challenge

1. What is something you are loving right now?
That I finally got myself back on Weight Watchers and I've lost 7.6 lbs. so far.  Yay me!  lol

2. Paris, Venice, New York, and Rome are considered four of the most romantic cities in the world. Which one would you most like to visit?
New York because I would love to see a play live on Broadway.

3. Are you a romantic?
Not really, no.

4. What's your favorite love story made for the Big Screen?
Lake House with Sandra Bullock  

5. Everyone loves Pooh bear and friends...which character are you most like and why? Click here for help in answering this question.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

6. What's the best chocolate something you've ever eaten?
Death by Chocolate Cake

7. Share a favorite quote about love.
Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. Leo Buscaglia 
also the whole 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Day 8 of the Photo A Day Challenge prompt is "sun"

This is from last Thursday when Kerri and I were out taking a walk.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 6 and Day 7

The prompt for Day 6 is "dinner" and for Day 7 is "button".

I forgot to take a dinner picture, but how about this.  One of our meals on the free dining plan at Walt Disney World last year.  Yes I know, I'm cheating again.
I don't know about you guys, but these are some of the favorite buttons at our house.  lol

Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Promise by Martha Rogers

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! If you wish to join the FIRST blog alliance, just click the button. We are a group of reviewers who tour Christian books. A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author and a full chapter from each book toured. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for young, or for old...or for somewhere in between! Enjoy your free peek into the book!

You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today's Wild Card author is:

and the book:

Realms (January 3, 2012)

***Special thanks to Jon Wooten of Charisma House for sending me a review copy.***


Martha Rogers is the author of Becoming Lucy; Morning for Dove; Finding Becky; Caroline’s Choice; Not on the Menu, a part of a novella collection with DiAnn Mills, Janice Thompson, and Kathleen Y’Barbo; and River Walk Christmas, a novella collection with Beth Goddard, Lynette Sowell, and Kathleen Y’Barbo. A former schoolteacher and English instructor, she has a master’s degree in education and lives with her husband in Houston, Texas.

Visit the author's website.


A painful past has left Doctor Elliot Jensen uninterested in love.

Until he meets Abigail.

Single, educated, and looking for a new start, Abigail Monroe decides to join her brother and his wife in Portersville, Texas. Near her twenty-fifth birthday and without a suitor, she fears she will become a spinster if she stays in Briar Ridge, Connecticut.

A sprained ankle sends Abigail to the new doctor in town, Elliot Jensen. He is smitten, but tragedy in his past has left him bitter, guilt ridden, and afraid to fall in love again.

When the town’s deputy sheriff rescues Abigail after a robbery, Elliot’s feelings for her get stronger. He is jealous of the attention Abigail is getting, but he fears he can’t compete with the handsome deputy sheriff and his heroic deeds.

Has he waited too long to share his feelings for her? Or will Christmas bring them both the gift they seek?

Set in the late 1800s, the Seasons of the Heart series follows the lives of four women and their families, weaving together their stories of faith, life, and love as they bond in friendship only God could orchestrate.

Product Details:

List Price: $13.99

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Realms (January 3, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1616384980

ISBN-13: 978-1616384982


Porterfield, Texas, 1890

Porterfield, next stop in ten minutes.” The conductor’s announcement sent the butterflies to dancing again in Abigail Monroe’s stomach. Ever since they entered the state of Texas,

her mind had flitted from one thing to the next in a series of images that blurred one into the other. What she remembered from her visit last spring had been enough to give her the

desire to return as a permanent resident.

All around her passengers began gathering their belongings and preparing to leave the train. Mrs. Mabel Newton, who had accompanied her on the trip, adjusted her hat and picked

up her handbag. “Well, your adventure will begin shortly.”

Abigail grinned at the elderly woman. If it had not been for Rachel’s aunt’s desire to come west to visit her daughter, this trip may have been delayed indefinitely. “Thank you so

much for coming with me, Aunt Mabel. You know how Father worried and didn’t want me to travel alone.” Abigail had fallen into calling the woman “Aunt Mabel” due to her close friendship with Rachel.

“And well he should have been. It isn’t safe for a young woman of your standing to be crossing the country by train without an escort.” She tilted her head toward Abigail, and the

feathers on the black hat covering her gray hair quivered with the movement.

Her parents had at first refused to even consider such a move for their only daughter, but as they began to realize that she was almost twenty-two years of age, their objections lessened.

They had been in Porterfield a few months earlier for the wedding of Daniel, Abigail’s brother who came to Porterfield a year ago as the town’s only attorney. Now he served as county attorney and prosecutor. When Mabel Newton had said she wanted to visit her daughter and niece, Father had finally agreed to let Abigail go.

Another factor in her decision to leave Briar Ridge had been Rachel Reed, her very best friend since childhood. Rachel’s husband, Nathan, had taken Daniel’s place as an

attorney for the citizens of Porterfield, and now they too lived in the Texas town. As far as Abigail was concerned, God had orchestrated a great symphony of opportunities, and she had

seized the score to become a part of the music.

“Aunt Mabel, do you think my plan for establishing a library is a sound one? Nathan and Daniel have found a building they think is suitable and will negotiate the purchase

of it if I approve.” “Every town needs a library whether they know it or not. Your brother and Nathan have good judgment, so the place must be about perfect.”

A snicker escaped Abigail’s throat. Daniel had always been her protector, and if the building suited him, it most definitely would suit her. She’d been so angry with him for leaving her

behind in Briar Ridge last year. Of course he thought it was because she’d miss him, but it was really because she’d been jealous of his new adventure.

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you and that young Wentworth. He seemed very interested in you when you and Rachel were in Boston.”

Abigail had been interested too at first, but when she realized what all would be expected of her as the wife of a Wentworth, her interest cooled, and so had his. Now she had this new adventure ahead of her.

“It worked out for the best, but life became so dull in Briar Ridge without Rachel or Daniel that I could hardly bear it. I’d grown tired of entertaining with Mother and taking part on church committees. I want to do something on my own for a change.”

“I see. So the fact that Porterfield has an overabundance of single men of all ages didn’t have anything to do with your decision.” Aunt Mabel’s blue eyes sparkled with merriment.

Abigail’s cheeks filled with heat. She truly wasn’t interested in finding a husband anytime soon, even if other people thought so. The train whistle screeched through the early

afternoon air. Abigail clutched her handbag and closed her eyes. Please, Lord. Don’t let this be a mistake. Help me to dothe things I want to do for Porterfield with books and accept

whatever else You have planned for me.

The train stopped with a jolt that sent her forward with

a lurch. She assisted Aunt Mabel with her bag then followed

the older woman down the aisle. Dozens of people lined the

platform waving as the train emptied itself of its load of passengers.

As she stepped from the train car, Abigail scanned

the crowd, and her heart leaped with joy when she spotted


Rachel rushed forward and grabbed Abigail. “Oh, I’m so

glad you’re finally here. I thought the last three months would

never end.” Then she turned to hug her aunt. “I’m glad you’re

here too. With Seth, Sarah, Abigail, and you, I won’t feel at

all lonesome, not that I could the way the Muldoon clan has

taken us in.”

“When I met them at Daniel’s wedding, I knew they would make all of you feel right at home. I’m anxious to talk with Mrs. Sullivan again.” Abigail had been impressed with

the boardinghouse and looked forward to living there.

“You’ll get to see her soon enough. She’s waiting for you and has your room all ready. The Muldoons are having us all for dinner at the ranch tonight.”

That meant a quick study of the members of the Muldoon family would be in order before the trip out there. She hugged Rachel again and noted the glow in her eyes and face. “You

must really be happy here with Nathan.”

Before she could answer, Aunt Mabel stepped back and

eyed Rachel. “My dear, are you in the family way?”

Heat flooded Rachel’s cheeks, and she grinned. “Yes, I am, and so is . . . “ She clapped her hand over her mouth. “Oh, I almost slipped. She wants to tell everyone herself at dinner.”

Abigail ran through the list of possibilities. Kate? Erin? Sarah again? Whoever it was, the baby would be welcomed by many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Arms wrapped around her shoulders from the back, and she craned her neck to see who it could be. “Daniel!” She turned and hugged her brother. “Isn’t this exciting? I’m here at last. We had a delightful train trip, and I can’t wait to see your new house. And where’s Kate?”

“Hey, slow down, little sister. No need to get it all out at once, but to answer your question, Doc Jensen and Elliot had an emergency at the infirmary, so she’s there. She said she’d meet us wherever we were when she finished.”

“I believe Aunt Mabel will be staying with Sarah and Donavan. At least that’s what she plans on. Mrs. Sullivan said she has a room for me at the boardinghouse, so that’s where I’m headed.”

Daniel frowned and peered at her. “But Kate is hoping you’ll live with us.”

“Oh, Daniel, you two are newly married. Besides, I’d rather be closer to town so I can take care of the library.” Kate and Daniel didn’t live far from town, but her staying at the boardinghouse would be less of an intrusion on their new marriage.

They headed toward the cart where the baggage had been unloaded. Aunt Mabel busied herself with telling Rachel all about the trip cross-country. Abigail gazed at the town beyond

the depot. Porterfield, Texas, would be her home now, and it looked just as friendly and nice as it had when she’d been here in the spring. A little more primitive than Briar Ridge, it still

had all the stores and businesses one could need, including a delightful bakery.

Daniel heaved down a trunk and headed to his surrey with it. Abigail walked along beside him and noted how the men stopped to stare. Her cheeks filled with heat. She may as well

be on display in a store window.

“I didn’t realize . . . never mind.” She grinned and hopstepped to keep up with her brother.

He pushed the trunk onto the floor behind the front seat.

“By the way, the building Nathan and I have in mind for you is across the street from the infirmary. It’s where the land offices were until the new courthouse opened. Now it’s vacant, and it’s just about the size you’ll need for the library.”

“I’m sure it will be fine if you and Nathan think so.” She shook her head and giggled as they headed back for more of her things. “I still can’t believe he and Rachel moved away from Connecticut. I always figured that when they did move, it would be to North Carolina, his home.”

Another man had joined the group and helped unload Aunt Mabel’s bags. She recognized him as one of Kate’s older brothers she had met at the wedding. What was his name? Oh, yes, Cory, the lawman and only single male in the Muldoon family, as well as one of the most handsome men Abigail had ever met.

Daniel grabbed her arm and took her over to greet him. “You remember Cory, one of Kate’s brothers.”

Abigail smiled and extended her hand. “I certainly do. You and your brothers were quite the pranksters at the wedding.”

Red tinged Cory’s well-tanned face. His eyes, more green than blue, sparkled with humor. He pushed his white Stetson back on his head, revealing sandy red curls on his forehead, much like her brother’s dark ones. “Guilty as charged, but we had to make up for not doing anything at Erin’s. Didn’t want to play tricks on the reverend.”

Getting to know the Muldoon family would be fun, but getting to know Cory might be even more so. Perhaps she should reconsider her decision not to become involved with any of the eligible young men in Porterfield.

Elliot finished the stitches to close the wound on the balding head of Cyrus Fuller. He’d tripped coming out of the bank and fell, cutting his head on the edge of the boardwalk. Elliot used five stitches to close it. “There, now, Mr. Fuller. You’ll be right as rain. Come back to see me in a few days and let me check on the stitches. Don’t get it wet for a while.”

He pushed back his rolling stool and picked up a bottle. “If you experience any pain, take a few drops of this and it should be all right, but don’t take more than a few drops. Understand?”

The bank teller nodded and took the bottle. “I do, and I won’t take it unless I really need it.” He stood and grasped the edge of the bed for support.

Kate Monroe picked up the tray with the suturing supplies and equipment. “Aunt Mae will make certain you’re comfortable, Mr. Fuller. She’ll take good care of you.”

The man’s face, including his bald head fringed in gray, turned a bright red. “I’m sure she will, but I don’t want her to go to any trouble.”

Kate laughed. “It won’t be any trouble. You know that.”

Elliot turned to put the bandages back in the cabinet to hide his smile. Everyone in town knew Cyrus Fuller was sweet on Aunt Mae, and she didn’t spurn his attention either. This

was one patient he wouldn’t have to worry about.

He walked with Mr. Fuller to the front door of the infirmary just to make sure the man was steady on his feet. At the door Cyrus shook Elliot’s hand. “Can’t thank you enough, Doctor Jensen. You did a fine job, and it hardly hurts at all. Tell your uncle I said hello.” He lifted his hat to set it on his head, felt the stitches, and promptly put his hand down, still holding the hat.

Mr. Fuller took off in the direction of the boardinghouse, a few blocks down the street. Elliot continued to observe the man as he made his way home. Satisfied that he was all right, Elliot turned to walk back inside when he spotted Daniel in a buggy with a young woman beside him. Her golden brown hair peeked from beneath a black hat trimmed with yellow flowers, which matched the yellow dress she wore. She shifted her gaze toward him and locked with his. Something inside Elliot clicked, and a feeling he hadn’t experienced in a long time came over him.

Elliot looked away and forced the emotion back into the deep recesses of his soul. He’d never let those feelings back into his life. They hurt too much.

A voice beside him caused him to blink his eyes and turn. “What did you say?”

Kate stood beside him. “I said that’s Abigail, Daniel’s sister. She was at his wedding, and she’s come to live here in Porterfield. Remember I told you about her coming to set up a

library for the town?”

“I remember.” But he never expected her to be so pretty. He cleared his throat and hurried back into the infirmary. He needed to clean up the room where they’d just worked on Mr.

Fuller, and it would help him forget the girl in yellow.

Kate’s voice followed him. “If you don’t have anything else for me, I’m going to run down to Aunt Mae’s and meet up with Daniel and Abigail. I’ll be there if you need me.”

He waved her out. Kate was a good assistant. He and his uncle had come to depend on her for so many things at the infirmary. Doc should be back shortly, that is if everything went well at the Blalocks’ place. Mrs. Blalock didn’t usually have trouble with her deliveries, and as this was the fifth one, no problems were anticipated today.

Cleaning up didn’t take long, and when he’d finished, Elliot went to the desk to fill out a report for Cyrus Fuller’s medical file. The image of Abigail Monroe swam before his eyes. Porterfield sadly lacked young women of marrying age, so Elliot had no trouble staying away from what social life existed in town. He’d left Ohio with the vow that he’d never become

involved with a young woman again. Everything had been fine until today when that little spark had jumped in his chest.

“I hear Cyrus Fuller had an accident. Get him all taken care of?”

Elliot jumped and dropped his pen. He greeted his uncle. “When did you come in? Yes, he’s fine. How did things go at the Blalocks?”

His uncle grinned and set his bag on the desk. “Just like it should. This little boy decided to take longer than necessary, but he’s good and healthy.” He removed his hat and hung it on

a hook then removed his coat. “I saw Daniel Monroe with a pretty young woman down at Mae’s. Must be his sister from back east.”

“It is. Kate was here to help with Cyrus, and then she left to go meet them.”

“She’s a pretty little thing from what I remember of last spring. It’ll be nice to have a young woman like her around her for a change. You, Cory, and Philip Dawes are about the most

eligible young men in town, and one of you ought to set your sights on her.”

“There’s a lot of men over at the sawmill, and many more on the ranches. That’s why Frank Cahoon and Allen Dawes sent off for those brides. Remember?” So many other men in town would take an interest in Abigail and keep her busy. He’d managed to stay clear of any kind of relationship so far, and that was just the way he wanted it. Never again did he want to feel the pain he’d experienced in Cleveland.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. It takes place in a small town in Texas in 1890. I love to read books that take place in Texas for some reason. Anyway, the male lead character, Elliot, is dealing with guilt feelings over something that had happened several years earlier that he felt he should have been able to control. And he was mad at God and blamed Him for the death of a loved one. I know this is an issue that a lot of us deal with and I feel the author did a good job of showing him as he worked through these problems. Abigail, the female lead character, is a very fun-loving and spunky character. She is very compassionate but has a little trouble letting God take care of other people's problems. She often seemed to think that praying for someone was not enough and that she needed to always try to do something. I think this is a very good book and while I enjoyed it, I think it also drove home some real truths too. I recommend reading this book.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 5 "10:00am"

Today's prompt in the Photo A Day Challenge is 10:00AM. I don't have much of a picture, but here goes.  Actually I missed the time by 6 minutes.  haha  I was helping our Sunday School kids sign up to sponsor a Compassion Child and missed the time.  Oh well, it was well worth it.  I'm so excited for them to be doing this.  Yay!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 4 "A Stranger"

Today's prompt for the Photo A Day Challenge is "a stranger".  I know the purpose of this challenge is to be taking pictures every day.  But I feel a little creepy to intentionally take a picture of a stranger, so I just used an old one from Disney with strangers in it.

 Chip and Dale with some strangers on our last trip to Disney in September 2011.

Friday, February 3, 2012