If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Checking In From Disney World

Just wanted to take a second while everyone is getting ready this morning to say Hi. We're having a great time. There's been a lot of extra rain this trip due to Tropical Storm Isaac, but its not dampening the fun too much.

I hope all of you are well. I'll check in with you in another week or so.

Got to go now, almost time to head to EPCOT for the day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Missing in Action

I may be missing in action around here for the next 3 weeks. We leave Sunday after church for our long awaited vacation. First to NC to pick up our oldest and then to FL to take her to school and about 4 or 5 days of relaxation and then on to DISNEY WORLD for 11 days of fun in "Our Happy Place".

I may stop in from time to time with some pictures and to read some of your posts, if I have time. But, if not, I'll "see" you when I get back.

Before I go, thought I'd leave you with this video. This is my nephew, who is an awesome young man. He plays guitar and actually wrote this music. It's just a clip, but I just want everyone to hear him and to know that He loves the Lord and is praying to use this gift for the Lord's glory.

I hope each of you have a wonderful 3 weeks and I'll talk to you soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. I included this quote (attributed to William H. Danforth) in my blog post yesterday (This is Joyce speaking)... "The best cure for a sluggish mind is to disturb it's routine." When was the last time you 'disturbed your routine' and how'd you do it?
My routine will be disturbed this next week as I will be on vacation for almost 3 weeks.  Now that's the way I like to have my routine changed.  Woo hoo!

2. What's your favorite fried food indulgence?
Fried Chicken

3. Did you have an allowance as a kid? What did you do with it? Do you give your own kids an allowance?
No, I didn't have an allowance (with 5 kids, who could afford an allowance?)  My kids had an allowance, however we saved it for them until we were on vacation and gave it to them then.  Then they would have money to spend.

4. What's something you wish you knew more about?
Computers, so I could fix problems without always having to bug my husband.

5. Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? If so, what?
No, not really too old for anything, but definitely to out of shape for some things.  haha

6. What's a song you think has a great first line?
 I have no idea...maybe "Take me out to the ballgame..." because I'd love to go to a ballgame.

7. Who are you writing to/for when you create a blog post? In other words...as you write, who is the audience in your head?
The people who are going to read it., like my blogging buddies.   I imagine what they may think of what I say.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Found this on FB and had to share...

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Birds In The B's! Weekend Wrap-Up

This is how we spent some of the weekend. Click here if you'd like to join in at "A Defined Life" for the "Weekend Wrap-Up"
Driving through town heading out for some lunch and errands on Saturday.

The Gazebo park in our town.

Went to the grand opening of this place and got some items for our upcoming trip.

Cloudy skies Saturday

I was playing with the camera and saw this nest in the letter B and took a picture

Then we saw this nest in this letter B in the Subway Sign

And this nest in the letter B in the H R Block sign.

Thus the title the Birds in the B's, which was thought of by my youngest daughter.

Sunday morning while getting ready for church I was listening to this station.  Mouse World Radio!  Think I'm ready for our trip!  haha

And this is my new ukulele.  Got it Saturday night from my brother. Hope I can learn to play it.  I've learned 2 chords so far. 

This is my week-end in a nutshell.  Why not go to "A Defined Life and join in and tell us about your weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Click here to join in with Mrs. 4444's for Friday Fragments

Now let's see what happened this week.

1. Friday night we went to dinner and bluegrass music. Good food, good music and lots of fun with friends.

2. I've been wanting to learn to play a ukelele, but of course, I have to have one first. My brother and his family went to the longest garage sale and found one and got it for me. I haven't gotten it from him yet, but I'm so excited to get it and learn to play. Wonder if I can do it.

3. Saturday was my birthday. We won't talk about which one. haha Hubby took me out for lunch to Red Lobster. I had shrimp, scallops and crab legs. Yummy! Just a nice day with family.

4. I ordered a new camera and got it in the mail Tuesday. So far I'm really liking it. It's small and doesn't weigh much and fits in my purse real nice. Takes pretty good pictures and video too. Here's a video I took of my dog the other night.

Here's a couple more pictures from my new camera.

I took this sitting at a traffic light on the way home from work Wednesday

Isn't this alpaca guy cute?  There's an alpaca farm about 10 minutes away from our house.

Here's a few more alpacas
5. I had a physical for work on Monday and I think I'm gonna live a while longer. But let me tell you, that stress test can be a killer! haha Actually, it wasn't too bad. I did fine with it, but I'm glad I only have to do it every 2 years.

Time to go Skype with my daughter. Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. In an effort to combat obesity, the mayor of NYC has plans to ban the sale of large sugary drinks (anything over 16 oz.), initially in restaurants, movie theatres, and street carts. Corner stores would also be affected if they are defined as food service establishments. You can read more here . Your thoughts?
I personally think the Government needs to stay out of it.  I think people should be able to choose how much they want to drink.  We don't need more government controls.

2. Art festival, music festival, food festival...which would you most like to attend?
Depends on what type of Art, Music or Food.  I would love a Greek festival for food, a bluegrass festival for music and I'm not sure about the art one.

3. What are you irrational about?
Spiders - a totally irrational fear.

4. Do you feel confident you'll have a comfortable retirement?
Fairly confident...but that's why I'm still working now, because I'm not quite there yet.  Also, since I'm a public employee, they are threatening to mess with our insurance and some of our money and that's getting a bit scary.

5. What's been your favorite Olympic moment so far?
(Not ever, just in the 2012 Summer games)
When any USA athlete wins a medal!

6. What would you label as the messiest room in your house?
Probably right at this moment, it's my bedroom.

7. Do you follow your heart or your head?

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Hopefully you'll be seeing more pictures on my blog now.  I just bought a really small new camera and it will be so much easier to have in my purse at all times.   Just got it in the mail today.  Here's a couple pictures I took tonight just playing with it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. I'm (meaning Joyce) joining my daughter1 in the 101 in 1001 challenge. Essentially you create a list of 101 things you hope to do or accomplish in the next 1001 days. What's one thing you'd put on your list?
Take a trip with my hubby to Washington DC.

2. How many remote controls do you have in your house? What's one item in your home you wish could be operated by remote control?
We have 4 remote controls.  I'd love to have a remote that would clean the bathroom.

3. What does having it all mean to you? Is it attainable?
Having enough to do some of the things we'd like to do and to be able to live without worry about finances.  I don't care about being rich, but I'd like to have enough to be comfortable and worry free and able to help others.  Is it attainable...maybe.  But really to have it all is to be a child of God and then we don't have to worry at all, because our life and eternity are His completely..and that is definitely attainable because he loves us. If you don't believe me, consider John 3:16.

4. What's your favorite movie soundtrack?
The Sound of Music.

5. Describe the best view you've seen from a rooftop.
Probably the ocean, although it was from a high balcony and not a rooftop.  I haven't been on too many rooftops.

6. What's your least favorite thing about summer?
The Heat...really it's not the heat, it's the humidity.

7. Our weekly Hodgepodge falls on the first day of August. In ten words or less sum up your July.
July was very busy and now it's over!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Do you guys like Downton Abbey?  I've been reading a lot of blogs where people seem to enjoy it.  I've watched Season 1, the first 2 episodes and so far, it's not doing much for me.  Just curious what the draw is and does it get better or am I just missing something?