If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Photos

Here are a couple recent photos from my phone.

Here are a few pictures of sunset last Wednesday or Thursday

I wish my phone would show just how bright that orange color was.

Lazing with mommy.  Lucy is such a blessing.  She loves me know matter what kind of mood I may be in.  Reminds me of how God loves me and makes me want to love others like that.

Love the raindrops.

New waffle stitch blanket I've started.  I really need to try a plain colored yarn with this stitch.  I think it would show off the waffle look better.  But this was some free yarn given to me and I'm trying to make myself use the yarn I have before buying more.  lol


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for:

**my husband

**my girls

**my grandson

**my mother-in-law

**my sisters and family

**my brother and family

**my extended family

**my church family

**my work friends

**my friend friends

**my blogging friends.

So in other words, I am thankful for my family and friends.  God you have blessed me with so many of each.  Thank you.


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Thankful Thursday

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I'm so thankful for the time I've had with this fella and his mommy these past 2 weeks.  They are back in Texas now and I sure do miss them.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  Do you think the pandemic has had any kind of positive impact on your mental health? Explain.
No, not really.

2. A hot mess, hot under the collar, in hot water, hot button, hot diggity dog!, hot shot, hot seat....choose one and tell us how it applies to your life currently.
A hot mess, as our air conditioning went down on Monday evening and it's been in the 90's during the day.  Someone is supposed to come by this morning to take a look at it and let us know what we need to do.

3. Speaking of the hot seat, do you work well under pressure or do you actively avoid high pressure situations? 
I can do what I need to do, but I wouldn't say I work well under pressure.  Again, I'll get the job done, but it may not be a pretty process, if you get my drift.  lol

4. Hotdogs-yay or nay? If you said yay how do you like yours? Did you know July is National hotdog month? 
Yay!  I like them with chili sauce, mustard and cheese.  No, I didn't know that, but I have had them a couple times in July.  They make for a really quick and easy supper at hour house.

5. I read here a list of America's coolest Southern towns. They are Marfa Texas, Greenville South Carolina, Abindgon Virginia, Athens Georgia, Bentonville Arkansas, Florence Alabama, Oxford Mississippi, Abita Springs Louisiana, Wilmington North Carolina, Monroeville Alabama, McMinnville Tennessee, Natchez Mississippi.  How many on the list have you seen in person? Which town on the list would you most like to see?
I've not been to any of them, however, I love small towns and wouldn't mind visiting any one of these.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.
This little fella and his mama went home yesterday.  Already miss them.


Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Photos

Recent pictures from my photo file.

I hope you have had a great week and that you also have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for visiting.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday

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Things I am thankful for this week in no particular order:

** Fun times with this little boy and his mama and it’s not over yet. 

**  A friend who makes really cute face masks and sells them on Etsy.  She also happens to be the host of Thankful Thursday. You should really check out her Etsy Shop, RebeccaJoCreates. I ordered these two cute masks last night. After listening to our Governor tonight I realize we are probably going to be wearing masks for awhile. 

I also got this one from her a few weeks ago. 

Of course, there are so many more things but I’m going to stop here. So what are you thankful for?


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The sweetness of summer...where have you found it recently? If you're in the Southern hemisphere, feel free to tell us about the sweetness you're finding in winter.
I've found it spending time with my grandson while he's visiting from Texas.  It's fun seeing things through a 3 year old's eyes.

2. Take your sweet time, sweet tooth, home sweet home, short but sweet, the sweet smell of success, sweet talk...choose a sweet idiom and tell us how it fits your life currently?
Home Sweet Home...I love being home.  When we were younger, I loved being on the go all time time, but now I enjoy being at home with my hubby.

3. Sweet as honey, sweet as sugar, or sweet as pie, which phrase do you use when a sweet phrase is called for? What's the last sweet treat you indulged in?
I really don't use any of these, but I'll say sweet as pie, because I do call my husband Sweetie Pie sometimes.  The last sweet treat I had were some fresh strawberries...delicious!

4. First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word fidget?
Wiggly.  And I'm very bad about fidgeting when I should be sitting still.

5. Share with us one of your favorite childhood travel memories.
Traveling to Florida to see my dad's parents and other family members during the Christmas holiday from school.  

6. Insert your own random thought here.

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Thanks for visiting.


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thankful Thursday

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I am thankful these 2 are in town for 2 weeks.  I am so blessed!

So what are you thankful for?


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The Hodgepodge lands this year on National Secret Keeping Day...on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being I'm a blabbermouth and 10 being I'm a vault) how good are you at keeping secrets?
I think I'm at least an 8.  If I tell it's only because I forgot I wasn't supposed to tell. 
I read here nine jobs for people who can keep a secret-cybersecurity worker, executive assistant, housekeeper, lawyer, nuclear plant technician, physician, private investigator, psychologist, security guard Of the jobs listed, which one most interests you and why?
None of these hold much interest for me at this point in my life.  Currently I'm an administrative assistant which is probably similar to an executive assistant.

2. What's the secret of life (or one of them anyway)?
Jesus Christ

3. Off the record, best-kept secret, a fly on the wall, top secret, my lips are sealed, secret shopper, as quiet as a mouse, poker face, spill the beans, open secret, bite your tongue...which secret idiom can you best relate to right now? Explain.
A fly on the wall...sometimes I'd like to be a fly on the wall to be able to hear why people are making some of the decisions they are making for our country.  I'm not saying I agree or disagree, but I'd like to know why they are being made.

4. Spill here the secret ingredient in one of your favorite recipes?
I use the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book recipe for lasagna and instead of ground beef I use Bob Evan's sausage.  My family loves this.

5. My mama celebrates a big birthday tomorrow. Share a favorite quote, song lyric, saying, or verse of scripture that will add some sunshine to her day (ours too!)
Wake up every day singing this song and I imagine our attitude would definitely be better about life.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Sentence A Day - June 2020

My June one day at a time.

1 - Monday.  Got up and found out the pilot light had gone out on our hot water heater and we were unable to get it lit so we finally put a call into the plumber after work.

2 - Tuesday.  Took a personal day from work to wait on the plumber and he came in between other jobs and fixed our water heater...so thankful. 

3 - Wednesday.  Happy Birthday and Anniversary in heaven Mom and Dad!

4 - Thursday.  

5 - Friday.  Had a fun chat with my grandson.

6 - Saturday.  Hubby and I took a 4-5 hour drive all over the countryside, east of where we live and saw some beautiful fields and small towns.

7 - Sunday.  We were actually back in church Sunday morning...so wonderful to be together again.

8 - Monday.  Before work, hubby put a pork loin on to cook and so we had a delicious supper.

9 - Tuesday.  More plumbing issues as the water softener went out and we had to figure out how  to bypass it as it turned the water brown...what fun. 

10 - Wednesday. Work and then to church for hubby to record his Bible study on Paul on FB live

11 - Thursday. After work we got some dinner curbside and enjoyed an evening at home. 

12 - Friday. Making sure to water my flower baskets every evening and they are doing so much better than previous years. 

13 - Saturday. Lucy got groomed today and she looks so much better. 

14 - Sunday.  2nd Sunday for live church and I'm enjoying being together again, but socially distant for safety because I love my church family.

15 - Monday.  Plumbing fixed because we (by we meaning the plumber) replaced the water softener and all is good now.

16 - Tuesday.  

17 - Wednesday.  Lucy got me up early and I got to see such beautiful skies with the sunrise.

18 - Thursday.  

19 - Friday.  Work, grocery and quiet evening at home and saw this robin in the back yard and couldn't resist getting hubby's camera to see if I could get a picture.
Not bad since it was taken through a window screen.

20 - Saturday.  Got to finally have a visit with my sister (actually all three of us were together) at her Assisted Living Place where we sat out in the gazebo and had a really good talk together.

21 - Sunday.  Visited with my mother-in-law after church, hubby and I brought in some Popeye's chicken and fixens' and just had a good time talking.

22 - Monday.  Back to work and then an evening at home. 

23 - Tuesday.  Had some time to crochet and learning to do the waffle stitch on a dishcloth. 

24 - Wednesday. Went to church with hubby so he could do his online live Bible study on Paul. 

25 - Thursday.  After work we picked up hubby's mom and took her to pick up her car at the body shop and they did a really good job repairing it.

26 - Friday.  Lucy's check-up and shots at the vet after work.

27 - Saturday.  Hubby and I ran some errands and picked up some lunch and spent most of the day at home, which is a rare occurrence for us.

28 - Sunday.  Another great service at church and then Sunday evening I went to Kohl's and Target with my sister. 

29 - Monday.  Work and home which was a great day.

30 - Tuesday.  Hubby put a beef roast on for dinner before we left for work...so thankful for a hubby that's a good cook.

So that's my month...How was yours?


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Monday, July 6, 2020

My Weekend

We had a fairly quiet and uneventful weekend, even with the holiday.  On Saturday morning we had another drive-through parade for the residents where my sister lives.  I think they enjoyed it,  and so did we.

My sister and her husband brought their dog!

I love this gazebo (this is where me met with our sister 2 weeks ago for a face to face visit)

After that hubby and I took a long drive out on country roads and I took a few pictures.  We stopped at Hueston Woods and just enjoyed being out and about in the van. 

I love when people proudly display the flag

Lake at Hueston Woods

Whoops!  We actually did not intend to go to Indiana!  lol

I love driving through small country towns and seeing their flags.

After this we went home and just had a quiet evening there.  Well, if you want to call hearing fireworks all over our neighborhood quiet!  lol

Sunday we did church twice (morning and evening service) and enjoyed that.  So far so good.

So that was pretty much my weekend.  How was yours?