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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365

Click on the button above and join Sara and the rest of us in the Project 365 challenge. The challenge is to take a photo everyday and post it on your blog on Sundays and then link to Sara's post so we can all take a look at your photos. Sara say's it's never too late to join. I did a little better this week, I only missed one day!

May 30 - Lunch at Qdoba's. 1st time eating there. Very good nachos!

May 29 - Sunset coming home from K.I.

May 28th - I have three of these hanging on my front porch!

May 26th - This is a Jr. Big Boy from Frisch's Big Boy. This cracks me up. It is the cutest little sandwich you've ever seen.

May 25th - KLS and KJS after getting off the newest rollercoaster at K.I. for the 1st time.

May 24th - My sister gave them these pink roses, just because! I have a terrific big sister!!!


  1. So you liked my pastor's feet, huh? You could see his face on the previous post. ha ha ha

    BEAUTIFUL ROSES from your sister!! How sweet!

  2. Your hanging baskets are nice and full and the roses are beautiful. A week full of flowers is a good thing!!

  3. Great pictures! Love the roses, so sweet of your sister to do that. Gorgeous sunset!
    I just noticed yesterday that we have a Qdoba's going up in a nearby town and I wondered what kind of food it served - now I know. LOL

  4. oh I miss Big Boy!! that was one of my favorite places to eat as a child!!

  5. I knew that was Qdoba before I ever read the text! LOVE IT!!

    Those roses are so pretty - and how sweet that they were "just because."

  6. OK, you officially made me hungry, lol.

    I love getting flowers just because. :-)

  7. Your hanging flower basket looks beautiful. Love the sunset too.


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