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Friday, June 19, 2009

I Was Tagged!

My bloggy friend Lindsay-Ann at The Cross-Stitch House recently tagged me to post the 10th picture in the 1st folder on my computer. I have to be honest, the 10th picture in the 1st file was hubby and he doesn't much like his picture posted (even though he has okayed the one in the sidebar). So I switched things around and put the 10th picture from the 2nd file. Here it is.

This is KLS in 2004 at the old Disney Welcome Center in Ocala, Florida that has since been closed. She would have been 12 years old here! Naturally, we were on our way to Disney World!!

Have fun girls and thanks Lindsay-Ann for the tag!
I strongly suggest everyone to read the above blogs when you have time, they are totally awesome. Also, anyone else who wants to play along, consider yourself tagged by me.


  1. Thanks Cathey! These are fun. I wonder what picture will be the one in my folder! :)

    P.S. The word verification this time is "larita". I have a friend by that name, spelled exactly the same way! :}

  2. Ummmm, you switched up the game! You do know there's consequences for that, right? j/k

    And MY word verifcation is "abliteri" so I think your consequences is that you're about to be abliterated!

  3. I'll have to do this when I get home :-).

    Thank you for the tag!

  4. Thanks Cathy for the tag!

    I've already looked at the picture and I can't wait to post it with a little info about it.

    I'll try to work on this tonight!

  5. How fun! I'd be scared to find what was in my folders..lol

  6. Cute Picture!


  7. http://lattejust4me.blogspot.com/2009/06/tag-review-giveaway.html

    There's my post :0).

    Thank you for the tag.

  8. Great picture that you shared Cathy. Thanks for playing along. You know I love seeing your Disney pictures. It was a co-incidence that your daughter was 12 in the picture and my daughter was 12 when we were there in April! I think it's a perfect age to enjoy a Disney experience.
    Hope you are having a lovely relaxing weekend.


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