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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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This is a picture of my dad in the Smokey Mountains. I believe it was probably taken in the early to mid 1950's (before I was born). Isn't he such a handsome man? He still is today too. He just turned 81 last month, but he sure doesn't look it or act it either. He's been helping my brother install carpet the past 2 days!!!!


  1. Good Morning Cathy,

    That is a great old photo of you handsome father!
    Wow, 81 and laying carpet…that’s a hard job, too.

    ♥ Hope

  2. Next week I'm gonna have to travel further back to some black and whites! They're awesome!

    And yes, your daddy is a handsome fella! Glad to hear he's still spry and workin' hard!

    Thanks for taking my walk with me today.

  3. Great picture! I love looking at older black and white pictures.

  4. Great picture of your lovely Dad. He sounds an amazing person. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great picture of your dad. I love the sweater!


  6. Hi, Cathy~

    Thank you for sharing a memory about your dad. He is very handsome! :>)

    God bless him and your family!

  7. That's great your Dad is still going strong. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blogs. You know Skip was a State Trooper in Alaska. ;)

  8. :WAVES: Thanks for popping into my blog :)

  9. Great picture! I love old black and white photos!

  10. Great picture!!!!I had thought about doing a picture in black and white but while I was digging I found the tub ones.Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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