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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Haircut

This is something I rarely do, post a current picture of myself. But here goes. My new hair cut. What do you think?

Okay Erica, I heard you and this one is just for you!!!


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOH Its looks Great on you, you look cute :)

  2. oh my word I love it!! love it! I have wanted that cut but not been brave enough to do it!

  3. It's way cute! You look sassy!! ENJOY!

  4. I LVOE the new do! Great haircut!!!

    But now I'm going to say take the picture again with a huge smile on your face!

    Go ahead. Go do it. I said take another one.

    Now go.


    You're not moving?

    See, I told Mimi over at Frump's Findings to retake her picture and she obeyed! SMILES light up our faces and we look years younger just thanks to a smile. So you let me know when you take it and I will humbly bow to you and give you the "Erica Made Ya Smile" award!!! Mimi already has it! Just ask her!

  5. Cuteeeee.... I wish my hair would do something like that...

  6. Yep, she's right.....she ordered...I mean requested that I smile too :) I did, just for her...anything for Erica!

    Now you too are one of her smile transformations(me and you). Your hair is adorable and your smile even better!! Nice to meet you ;)

  7. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    I'm so glad you SMILED!!!

    Thank you Cathy! {{bowing to you}}

    Now on to my next non-smiling victim. Mwoo ha ha ha ha!

    Captain amERICA - saving the world, one smile at a time!

  8. I love you new haircut. It really suits you.

  9. I love it, I really do! I've been seriously thinking of cutting mine lately... we'll see if I actually DO it! LOL

  10. Love the cute cut and the new profile pic! Way to go!


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